26 May 2010

22 weeks, 5 days

I'll have to try and get some tummy pictures this weekend, because I've been told by a handful of people that this week I've really started to pop out much more noticeably, even more so then when they saw me last week :) which makes me happy, because 1- she is growing, obviously and 2- I had to actually tell one of the guys I work with that I was pregnant (and finishing up my 6th month to boot) because he thought I just had a beer belly (ew, gross). In all fairness, he IS legally blind, but I figure in another few weeks, there will be no mistaking the fact I'm pregnant.

Jesse and I hopefully *crosses fingers* are ordering the crib this weekend! That will be a load off my mind for sure. Obviously we don't need one, laundry baskets and dresser drawers work fine I've been told, but we have this adorable bedding and I'd like somewhere to put it! :P

We have our next midwife appointment next week..I was actually talking to a lady at work who just had a baby and she also used a midwife, and her midwife sounds exactly like the type Jesse and I were looking for in the first place, so that was a bit of a bummer. Jesse told me to get the midwife's name and number for the next one hah we'll see where we are in the world when THAT happens ;)

In other news, the Pagano Parentals, Joel and Kimmy are coming to visit this weekend! YAY! So very excited.

I can't believe that I'm almost completely done with month 6 already. aka the second trimester. I mean, really?! Where has the time gone!? Jesse was telling me all about rabbits and how they have a gestation period of something ridiculous like 30 days? That's so short! I told him I was quite glad that humans have at least 9 months..while I hear it gets quite uncomfortable towards the end, at least you don't find out you're pregnant and then only have one month to wrap your mind around that and plan for it! We are given 9 months in Jesse and my case, 6ish months to get through the shock, worry and time to wrap our minds around it and then 3 months to actually get ready. We're awesome.

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