09 May 2010

20 weeks, 2 days

Jesse and I were able to go garage saling this weekend with our friends Jenn and Chris. Weird thing about WV, or at least Clarksburg, the majority of the garage sales went Friday-Saturday instead of Saturday-Sunday, so we missed a good chunk of the stuff it sounded like. But we were still able to find some great things. Jesse found some odds and ends he wanted and I found a small front pack to put baby in. I had already registered for one, but Jenn pointed out that with two, one could be kept in the car for the spur of the moment things, which I found brilliant. The last sale of the day was a church sale and by the time we got there, they had the wonderful "fill a grocery bag of clothes for $1" so we were able to find a bunch of baby clothes.

There weren't a ton of first year baby clothes, but since it was only a $1 for whatever we could fit in the bag, we filled it up with clothes she will grow into so 3T-4T things. Also found a few hats and a pair of shoes! I don't care if they are supposed to be for boys, just don't tell me that. They are cute anyway :)

Finally, just grabbed a few handfuls of socks..who knows if they'll all fit her, but for $1? Doesn't really matter if some stuff doesn't fit. Zeke really likes the baby socks though. I had them all out in a pile yesterday and he came sneaking up, grabbed a pair of socks and took off! He went and hid under our bed, so by the time I finally got him out, he went running back downstairs. The silly guy had the whole little ball of sock tucked in the side of his mouth and he was staring at me like "what? I didn't do anything, I don't have anything in my mouth.." It was so cute and funny I couldn't help but laugh because OBVIOUSLY I could see a bulge in his jowls. What a ridiculous dog. Jesse helped me fold the baby socks today and looooved them.

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