07 May 2010

19 weeks, 6 days

I got a call this morning from the midwife clinic. They went ahead and set up an appointment for me next Wednesday morning in Morgantown for the follow up ultrasound. And by Wednesday morning I mean 730. AM. Oh, did I mention that Morgantown is 45 minutes away from my house? blaaaaaaaaaaaaah early mornings.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for the baby! I have definitely calmed down and found a peace about the situation, and have had several people tell me that they had similar situations with one of their pregnancies or they know someone who had heard the same thing and there were no problems.

Something humorous I forgot to mention in my post the other day..the poor nurse who was doing the ultrasound was struggling to take measurements of the baby because she was moving so much! I asked if the baby was being difficult and the nurse said "yah, a little bit..she won't stop moving!" And I apologized and said that it made sense knowing both Jesse and me, it made sense that our child would be difficult too. After she announced it was a girl she said "oh, no wonder I was having so much trouble! Should have figured it was a girl."

We're going garage sale-ing tomorrow, and I'm really excited!! There are several that are announcing that there are lots of maternity clothes and baby things, so maybe we'll start making baby purchases :)

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  1. All the best! I will continue to pray for you three! :)