04 May 2010

19 weeks, 4 days

Well, you may know by now that we are having a girl!!! And yes, Jesse is excited anyway :)

According to the ultrasound and the midwife, she's looking good and her heart beat sounds great. However, I am going to ask for prayers. Apparently there is a spot on the left ventricle of her heart, which could be just a muscle contraction from when they took the picture or it could be a cyst, leading to something more serious. The midwife didn't go into detail, I think she didn't want to scare us, but she said that it is more then likely nothing, but we're going to do a follow up ultrasound in 4 weeks to double check. I kind of freaked out a little bit, but all Jesse reminded me it's not for us to worry about, it's in God's hands. Several of my friends who I sent text messages to after we found out were all very supportive, agreeing that it is probably nothing and won't even show up on the next ultrasound. I'm so glad God is in control.

The only other thing the midwife told us was that the placenta is low. She drew us a lovely picture (and reminded us that she did NOT major in art) to show us where it was supposed to be and where mine was. As a result, I have been banned from running or other strenuous activities for at least 4 weeks. We'll check again at the ultrasound, but if the placenta doesn't rise as the uterus grows (as it is supposed to apparently), I may be put on bed rest. Which. Would. Be. Awful. But, again, it's not in my hands. All I can do is..nothing I guess :)

But, I figured out how to work the scanner! Yay! So, a few weeks late at 8 weeks..

And now a current picture of her profile

she's kind of looking at us I think..that's my understanding.

That's all I know for now! Oh, and no, we don't have a name picked yet, but we'll get it sometime I'm sure!


  1. So happy for you guys, can't wait for our daughters to meet. You'll all me in my prayers! She's beautiful!

  2. Oo bed rest would definitely not be good! My aunt was on it for about 4 months and it's pretty much just aweful! Glad everything else is well! :) Praying for you!

  3. She's beautiful! I'm in love with my niece :)

  4. Ahhhhh! Those are pictures of my niece!

    Don't worry, "Joel" is a perfect girl's name.

  5. Thanks for the pics!!! She's just gorgeous! and ... perhaps God needs to teach you how to embrace "doing nothing." Ha Ha!

  6. AHHH baby giiiirl!!! i can't WAIT to meet her beautiful face!!! i will be praying for that spot to not be there and for that all so important placenta to rise on up so you are not put on bed rest. eek. love you!!!