02 June 2010

23 weeks, 5 days

Life continues to sail by a little too fast for my comfort, but I can honestly say that Jesse and I are trying to make the most of the time we do have before out little girl joins the party! Mama Hildebrand made the comment to Jesse that the two of us are "always up to something" and I have to admit, that was definitely true this last Memorial Day weekend!

Friday evening, my parents, Joel and Kimmy came for a quick weekend visit. We had a lot of fun doing some relaxing and playing board games, but also going shooting! Jesse and I haven't really been able to shoot too much since moving to WV, so we were pretty excited to have some target practice. I'm happy to say that Baby Squirt didn't care that there were loud noises, she just kinda chilled.

Family also brought Jesse and me the rest of the wonderful presents we got from the baby shower a few weeks ago, so now I have the thrilling job of finding homes for everything :)

On Memorial Day, Jesse, Zeke and I went went with our friends Jenn and Chris to Cooper's Rock (state park I think?) to do some hiking. This was Zeke's first venture in hiking and since he doesn't walk on a leash too well, we were a little nervous but he did great :) We were also able to find our first geocache site, which has since spawned an interest in the 4 of us to do this more often.

In other news, we have another midwife appointment tomorrow. Not too sure what is going to be happening at this particular appointment, probably just the normal stuff. By this point, the specialty doctor we went to has probably sent the results of the last ultrasound over to the midwives, so we may go over them again. Squirt had (what I am claiming to be) the hiccups a few times last week, so Jesse was finally able to feel her move a little bit :) And speaking of Jesse, he has decided to step out of the dark ages (as I like to tease him) and get a cell phone again. I also like to tease him about having ulterior motives for getting a phone, but we both agreed it'd be in our best interests since I'm pregnant if I can get in touch with him anytime I need since I'm working and we're apart more now then we've ever been in our marriage. So if you would like his cell phone number, send me a message and I will get it to you :)

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  1. It was and always is fun hanging out with you guys this weekend. And of course I want Jesse's phone number. wanna go geocaching? haha