19 May 2010

21 weeks, 5 days

Nothing is really going on, I just haven't posted in a few days and was bored, so thought I would give everyone a quick update on life with Team Hildebrand :)

I decided this morning that it is probably not in the best interest of our little girl or my growing belly to wrestle Zeke to the floor anymore to show him who is boss. Jesse agrees, so I guess that means I need a new tactic. Although wrestling a dog that acts like an alligator is an art, I will let it rest for awhile. I also decided that today is my last day of being stubborn and doing things myself..I haven't over-exerted myself, no worries, but I don't know what is "too much" so I better just stop while I'm ahead. This decision was reached after I rearranged and reorganized two rooms upstairs in an attempt to make room for a crib and other miscellaneous baby thing. The upstairs is still pretty well trashed..because, true to form, I can't focus on one thing at a time: so reorganizing both rooms at once was a trip, while also compiling things for a garage sale/Goodwill run, lining the hall with stuff galore. Brilliant. Like my mom, I make a bigger mess in an attempt to clean up the original mess (love you, Mom! Our way of cleaning DOES work!).

Also, in other news, Jesse and I bought kayaks the other night. We are ridiculous. Obviously since we have nowhere to store them, they were first living in our dining room, and now have taken up residency outside. We took them out on their maiden voyage tonight and it was a lot of fun! I love kayaking, and so does Jesse now too :) we plan on taking them out on the lake this weekend or sometime it's not raining to go fishing. So excited :) Jesse told me he sees this as our last summer to do just "us" stuff, so why not. He doesn't think we'll be able to do this kind of thing after little Squirt arrives, but I don't see why she wouldn't love a kayak's not like I'm going to practice rolling with her out there :P
I figure kayaking is okay for now..after all, my midwife DID tell me that an arm workout was fine :)

I guess that's it from here! Zeke and I have been enjoying going to the puppy park..and he continues to find the ONE MUD PUDDLE in the whole place and playing in it. Awesome. He actually sat down in one today, but I couldn't get a picture fast enough.

The nap is a result of playing hard at the park :) aka how I get things done around the house.


  1. HaHa! Amber our way of cleaning DOES work!! It takes time, and sometimes some tears...and it drives everyone (who CAN focus) nuts in the process, but it DOES work! I love you, too! Maybe we can help with some of the organizing when we come...Dad is good at that! :)

  2. Amber - I thought of you as I read this. Becoming a mom can be both exciting and scary but I know you will be awesome! and God will be with you all the way.