01 May 2010

19 weeks

If anybody is keeping track, only 2 full days left until we find out if the baby is a boy or girl!!

In other news, Joel and Kimmy came to visit for the weekend. The Clarksburg Scottish Highland Games were today so we went to partake in the fun. We all had a blast, got sunburned and generally roasted in the sun. I was barely able to still fit into my kilt, so I wore it today, and have since vowed to never wear it while pregnant again, especially if it was over 85 degrees. But I could get into it, so I wore it proudly!

The games were small, but we still enjoyed the pipe bands, dancing and heavy weight competition. We were distracted by the Caber Toss, and so we didn't get to go see the sheep dog herding demonstration which we all enjoy but hopefully will be seeing next time!

And, baby's movements are starting to feel much more pronounced :) which makes me smile. I was pretty aggravated a few days ago because the baby was moving like crazy, kicking where Jesse would have actually been able to feel it, and Jesse was at work! I was kind of upset, but I have it on good authority that there is still time and Jesse will get his turn to feel his son or daughter kicking.

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