28 March 2010

14 weeks, 1 day

Well, I completely failed at posting pictures for 12 weeks, and didn't even get one for 13 weeks (sorry Mama H) but we got a 14 wk this morning, so I think that's better then nothing :)

12 weeks and some odd days.

and then from today..

with me cheesing it..a lot. Jesse was grumpy that I always smile weird or make a face, so I gave him the cheesiest smile I could muster and think I did a good job.

In other news..the sun has been trying to shine, and Zeke has been enjoying that, taking as many naps in the sun as he can.

And finally, I had a job interview this past Wednesday at the Y :) nothing fancy, but it would give me something to do. I think it went well, and I don't really think it'd be a problem with the whole being pregnant thing and then when the baby'd be mostly evening shifts, which would work out fine since Jesse could watch the baby and have some great bonding time while I'm gone for a few hours. Only part time, so that would work out great too. I hopefully find out at the beginning of this week that I got it...! Eek. We shall see..

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  1. yay for interviews!! will be praying!! are you guys finding out the sex of the baby??