08 March 2010

11 weeks, 2 days

Well, still nothing exciting is going, but that's a-ok.

Jesse and I made a very spur of the moment trip up to see his parents on Friday evening. And by spur of the moment, I mean Mama H called us at 4p and said "hey! Wanna come to Zanesville tonight and then we'll go to Amish country tomorrow to look at Amish baby furniture?" So Saturday we went to look at baby cribs :) It was a lot of fun and the weather was really pretty and sunny so that helped make it even better. We ended up finding the crib we want, but not buying it because we still need to save some more pennies before we can afford it. So after our speed trip to Amish country, we went back to Zville and headed home to Clarksburg. We couldn't spend the night Saturday night because we had something at church we wanted to check out, I had a 9 mile run for Sunday and then we had to clean up before Emily came to visit. It was a busy Sunday but lots of fun..minus the running and cleaning.

Today, we went up to the midwife because at 10 weeks you can hear the baby's heartbeat through the stomach, so we went to listen and make sure the heartbeat was strong and blah blah blah. Which it was :) Unfortunately, I lost 6 lbs between this appointment and the last one..and the midwife told me if I didn't start gaining weight she said I'd have to stop running. No bueno. The ONE time I WANT to gain weight, I lose it..and when I want to lose it, I gain it? How ridiculous.

Fortunately, the nausea is about 95% gone (hooray!) and a more foods are starting to sound okay to eat..but still not a ton which is still annoying. We'll get there. This first trimester business is ALMOST over, so I plan on chowing down, having energy and motivation in the BRING IT. 5 weeks until the half-marathon and after that, I plan on NOT running for the rest of the pregnancy..I will probably just walk/swim or something.

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  1. Glad to hear Baby is doing good, we will just have to hit Dairy Queen every night, lol, there is one right down the street from our new place