03 March 2010

10 weeks, 4 days

Nothing too exciting going on at this point..Just kind of hanging out and missing my desire for foods. And hoping I didn't lose more weight between appointments, which is Monday.

For those of you who don't know, Jesse and I have decided not to go to a regular doctor/OB for this and any future child, but go with midwives instead. Probably part of it is we're just a bit old fashioned? We began discussing midwives when some friends of ours in Arizona were having children or finding out that they were pregnant, and we have a multitude of reasons, some of which I will bore you with now :)

-- we are picky, which I'm pretty sure is okay in this type of situation.
-- we want to have a say in what goes on in delivery. We've both heard stories about how doctors just kind of do what's easiest for them and we don't want that. We're also sure that this is NOT true 100% of the time, it just helped with our decision.
example: a friend of mine was going to a midwife then during the delivery experienced a complication so they ran her to the hospital. With the midwife, she'd been able to express concerns and have an opinion. At the hospital with the doctors, her opinion was gone and basically they ignored her except to tell her to push. One friend, one example..again, I know this is not the norm.
-- I do NOT want an epidural. end. of. story.
-- I do NOT want an IV. Bring on the pitchers of water or saline solution, I don't care, I'll drink whatever they want. I hate IV's. I want to know what is going into my body and how much and the idea of people just being able to switch what is being dripped without telling me is not acceptable in my book.
-- Jesse told me that now, if there is even the slightest hiccup in a birth (such as the baby being turned the wrong way), instead of trying to fix the problem the doctor will just do an emergency c-section. Again, not fine. I was born c-section, as were my siblings, nothing against it: in the event of an emergency or my baby is the size of a St. Bernard, fine. If everything is going normally, no thank you.
-- I will not be induced. Let the baby come in his/her own timing. Again, going back to not wanting just random things pumped into my body.
-- Jesse, who has done some research, brought up that doctors will also occasionally not wait for the after birth to pass normally, but rather pull it out which can cause issues. Not happening.
(probably at this point, you're completely judging me. I'm fine with that :) please know this is just what Jesse and I have decided for us and we have no problem with people doing things differently. We just have heard the random story and made our decision this way)
-- and finally, what some are already judging me about I'm sure, if I can help it, I will NOT be laying down when giving birth. Let gravity work, I'll be vertical.

There are some other odds and ends, but you get the idea. We will be talking to the midwife on Monday to discuss delivery options and the plan that we have in mind and find out how feasible it is. Obviously I can say all of this now being only 10 weeks pregnant, we'll see how I'm feeling around week 39..I know a lot of women who have had great deliveries with great doctors, this is just the decision we made for us :) and if Jesse had his way, yes, we would be having an at-home birth (fortunately for me, the midwife clinic does not cater to this request so I didn't have to tell Jesse no..).


  1. I hope that you will be able to do everything you want labor and deliver. Not that we both don't already know this but: You are a much stronger woman than I am! :)

  2. I'm really interested/excited to see how your delivery goes! I also do NOT want an epidural or induced or c-section or any drugs at all... (not that i'm pregnant) I haven't heard much about a vertical birth, but I guess it makes sense... hopefully by the time we have kids Lee will know a good doctor! haha