19 March 2010

12 weeks, 6 days

This post is not going to have anything to do with pregnancy: just a warning, it'll probably be pretty random. But the point of this blog was to keep you updated on life happenings as they happen (give or take some time) in the Team Hildebrand life. So this post is going to be about the wonderful bundle of energy that we have named Zeke.

Zeke and I have been taking daily walks down to a park where he runs and plays long enough that he sleeps most of the rest of the day (win). During the walks and play time, I have begun to notice various things that a) he adores, and b) he is scared/terrified of. I will now share these with you, and hopefully make you at least smile at the silly antics of this ridiculous 9 mo. old puppy we have.

A) Things Zeke adores:
- being outside
- being outside in the sun
- running
- chasing a tennis ball I throw/kick for him
- drinking water from the water bottle I have dedicated to him
- running all over the park smelling the different smells
- eating crab grass (???? PART GOAT)
- chewing on sticks
- chewing on anything I let him
- laying in the sun when he's tired
- any other people we see

B) Things that Zeke is scared of:
- loud cars that drive past us on our walks to the park
- annoying drivers who think it's funny to honk their horns RIGHT as they pass us
- semi's
- campaigning signs people put in their front yard (no idea's not like one bit him)
- trash cans that are in the sidewalk (?)
- dogs that bark at him in a "hey, get away from my fence" kind of manner
- and one I CANNOT figure out..a silver soccer ball!?!?!

I have to explain about the soccer ball, because it is so funny to me. Somebody left a silver ball at the park, so Zeke went to investigate..and stopped about 3 feet short of actually smelling the ball. And then ran away. So I walked over and kicked it, showing him it can be fun. He chased it, and stopped about 2 feet short of it, running away again. I called Jesse and told him CLEARLY this was HIS dog, not no child or animal of mine would be scared of a soccer ball. Anyway, I left the ball in the middle of the field we were playing in and let Zeke go to town. Meaning he ran circles around it, would gather courage and tentatively sniff the ball before running away and starting his circles again. For 15 minutes. Ridiculous. I think he was scared because the ball was silver and reflecting the sun...?
Look how precious :) this was maybe one month after we got him..he would have been about 2.5-3 months old. So sweet and innocent..with huge paws :)


  1. I believe Zeke also loves me......

  2. awww!he is so precious. jordan's dog everett is a big baby when it comes to those campaign signs in people's yards. we went on a long walk yesterday and he would shrink around them whenever we passed one. it was really funny.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!! LOVE YOU and hope you have a wonderful day! I but your "puppy" is a lot lot bigger now!

  4. oh goodness, im a terrible terrible friend!!!! happy birthday!!! i'm not on facebook at all so i don't get notified with birthdays, how horrible is that, that i depend on facebook for birthdays?! hope you had a great day!!!