16 March 2010

12 weeks, 3 days

Only a few more days before I can say goodbye to the first trimester and welcome in the second!! I have great plans for tri # 2, so it better be awesome. I plan on having energy, motivation, feeling awesome, eating all the foods I've been avoiding but know I love (deep down apparently), gaining weight so my midwife doesn't get grumpy and COMPLETE A HALF MARATHON. woo..

Speaking of the half marathon, for the record, I am ready for it to be over. I enjoy running, I enjoyed the feeling the last time I completed the 13.1 miles..but doing so while pregnant has not been as fun or easy as I had hoped. Especially with a lack of motivation. Fortunately, since the race occurs in the second trimester, I plan on being super fast and awesome and having the motivation to get it done. Even if I'm wrong, don't tell me, let me believe this is true.

My next appointment isn't for another two weeks (I think...I have it written down somewhere), but my life is apparently getting busy, at least for a few weeks. This weekend is my birthday (!) and I believe Jesse and I are headed to Ohio for the weekend. The following weekend is of course Easter, which will be spent in Findlay. And the weekend after THAT is the race!! In St. Louis, MO..yay for lots of car trips. My doctor appointment is somewhere in between those..

I don't really see a big difference in tummy size at this point, but some clothes are starting to feel a little tighter, and I have been told by a few friends that I'm starting to pooch out a little bit so yay :) considering the birth weights of Jesse and myself, we're expecting a huge excited. I'll try and get a picture of 12ish weeks here soon..

Also, real fast, I just wanted to announce that I have finally figured something brilliant out: if I take Zeke for a walk to the park (about 5 minute walk up the street) where I can turn him loose and let him run while we play fetch, when we get back home he is so tired he sleeps a good chunk of the rest of the day. Excellent. We both get in the sun and spend time outside, get some exercise (him more then me..) and I can either be productive or take a nap when we get home! It work so well when the sun is shining..

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  1. You amaze me ... you are talking about not finding motivation .... you are prego and you are still running .... I am not and I have a hard time finding motivation! Haha Good luck! :)