10 March 2010

11 weeks, 4 days

When I run, my mind wanders..especially when I'm on long runs. The other day I was running what seemed to be a bazillion miles and my brain started thinking about the top 5 moments of my life. Even though one hasn't happened yet, I am definitely going to put the birth of Jesse and my first child on there. But seriously..what are the top 5 of your life? order of occurrence..

1-- winning the trophy at the Sarnia Highland Games. I was in late middle school (?) and had watched both my brother and sister win trophies, and I continued to be thrilled with third places. This competition, I.Rocked. 4 dances = 3 firsts and a second (I know I got at least 2 firsts, but guess what, it's my blog and if I want to say I got 3, I got 3) meaning I got the trophy in my age group/dance level.

2-- being on the NCCAA National Champs soccer team, sophomore year of college. Definitely a highlight moment of my life. That last game..whew. Nail biter, and even the fat lip that I received as a result of the dog pile at the end was worth it.

3-- marrying Jesse. Self explanatory I believe, but even though the events leading up to the wedding could be described as a whirlwind and are foggy in my memory, I clearly remember looking into his eyes as we said our vows and were announced as husband and wife. And, wearing aviator sunglasses as we exited the church.

4-- graduating college. Between transferring schools, moving across the country, working two jobs and overloading in school, I am super ecstatic that I finished. Even if my major was worthless, I loved it.

5-- I'm assuming will be the birth of Baby X. I mean we'll have to wait and see I suppose, but I'm adding it to the list anyway. Obviously I'll keep you updated.

Quick sidenote: while she was in town, Emily and I went shopping for maternity clothes! So exciting/weird. Official decision, maternity jeans are incredibly comfortable. I can't believe how clueless I am/was about such things, but fortunately I have no problem asking questions or having a saleswoman explain simple things to me. Didn't buy anything too exciting, but I AM excited to start needing to wear them!!

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  1. and thank goodness the saleswoman didn't judge me for sitting in the "husband" seat ;)