22 March 2010

13 weeks, 2 days

AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the first trimester is DONE.

This past weekend was fun and super tiring. Jesse and I decided to go to the Warther museum in Ohio, so we drove to Zanesville on Friday night since it's just over an hour drive to get there from Jesse's parent's house. We sat and talked with the H Parentals way too late (but had fun anyway) and then got up ridiculously early (ok, 7..) to eat some breakfast and get on the road to the museum. We were able to catch one tour that was leaving just as we got there and we REALLY enjoyed the museum. Jesse always has loved working with wood and I was fascinated by the ridiculous amount of detail.
This is one example of just one of the trains he carved..I do NOT have this patience and I am in awe of people who do.

Anyway, it was a great birthday and when we got home from the museum we drove way out into the country to some friend's property and went shooting and tramping through the woods. Zeke had never had the chance to really experience nature, so watching him run around on his own free will was really fun. He even learned to swim, but I don't think he was a fan. Wish I'd gotten picture of his face when he was walking through the creek and all of a sudden there was no ground beneath him and he had to figure out how to swim.

The real reason for this post was that I had a dentist appointment this morning haha I went in and filled out the "hi welcome to the office new patient" forms, and definitely checked the box that said "are you pregnant?" So when the hygienist came in with x-ray materials and a the lead apron I was kind of nervous. I said "this might be a dumb question..but I'm pregnant, can I have x-rays?" And she seemed kind of surprised and explained that I couldn't and I'd have to get them later. WHEW. Crisis glad I said something!! They went ahead and scheduled me for when I could get them taken and they asked if I thought October something would work. Sure, I don't even know what's going on next week, so October sounds great. Love how far in advance I get to plan my life and then forget about it.


  1. hahahaha. i love you. that is all. :)

  2. I always hate that about going there ... they always want to know what I am doing in 6 months ... like I have an idea .... I have no idea at all! Haha and sorry Happy late bday! :)