24 June 2014


Last week, we embarked on our first family vacation as a family of 5 and headed to Houghton Lake in Michigan for a week of fun with Mom and Dad Hildebrand, Matt, Erin and Koleen.  The drive on the way up wasn't too bad, but Jesse and I had thought ahead and planned an overnight pit stop in Findlay so we didn't have to drive the entire 9 hours in one day.  Not that 9 hours isn't do able, but we didn't think we wanted to attempt that with our 3.  Turns out, they were champs on the way up, and we made it eventually to our rental cabin on the lake on Saturday.  
Sunday was my Emma Tornado's second birthday!  I can't believe she's already 2.  Where does time go?  We spent the day playing outside, relaxing, and Uncle Matt and Aunt Erin made a yummy birthday dinner and cake.  
My goal had been to make homemade cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast, but since we didn't get to the grocery until too late, I bought the mediocre canned ones.  After I complained about how they just weren't up to snuff Sunday morning, it was quickly suggested I go ahead and make some more from scratch on Monday, which I happily did.  Because who doesn't go on vacation and make homemade cinnamon rolls? 
The week went by too quickly, but we all had a good time.  Jesse was thrilled to beyond pieces- actual and technical term- that he got to go fishing, and even caught a few without hooking himself or anybody else.  A feat his dad didn't join in on and Wednesday (?) ended with a quick trip to the ER for Dad, Mom and Matt to get a hook out of Dad's thumb.  Quick is relative in Northern Michigan, like it is where we live: it took an hour to get to the hospital from our rentals.  Good news, Dad survived and kept his thumb in tact.

Kaylee was off her "A" game and was grumpy all week, but what can you expect from a 4 month old on a vacation?  We drank plenty of coffee, had wonderful chats, the girls loved playing together and were easily entertained by the heap of special projects Grandma had brought along.  Kole, who is 2 months older than Emma, believes that "Frozen" is hers, but she was quick to share and we had a sing along throw down between 3 little girls, and a few adults.  

We definitely had a great time.  I'm not sure I would use the term "relaxing" when we talk about vacation where my girls are still little, but we sure had fun.  I know the relaxing vacations will come when they are older and don't need a constant eye or care 24/7, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

In other news, Emma had her 2 year check up today and Kaylee had her 4 month.  Emma is average, weighing 25 lbs and standing 34" tall, putting her in the 50%, I believe.  Kaylee. is. huge.  That little cutie pie is 19 lbs and 29" long.  And off the chart.  I saw it.  She's in the red floating above everybody else.  

At 2, Emma is hilarious.  She is apparently now scared of any sort of bug that flies (ugh), loves to eat and snack all day, is not talking in complete sentences but can get her point across, has a quick temper but a faster laugh and grin.  Her favorite movie is "Frozen," and she also loves Mickey Mouse.  Her favorite animal is probably still a duck, though a cow may be close second, and she loves to do everything Lily is doing. 
look at those cheeks
happy birth day!

At 4 months, Kaylee is trying to get up on her hands and knees.  I encouraged my mother in law to push her down when we saw her doing that on vacation.  Too soon.  She also is rolling all over the place and loves watching her sisters.  Lily is the best and loves to sing to Kaylee when Kaylee is upset, which calms her down.  And then Lily gets excited and runs over to tell me that "I calm-ded Kaylee down!"  But since her sister and song are gone, Kaylee starts crying again.  It's precious.  
that hair.  it kills me.
I realize I'm way behind in filling everyone in on my life, which I'm sure has left everyone in eager anticipation.  My apologies.  Apparently, life is busy with 3 little girls.  Who knew.  Nothing too excited else to report, though.  Jesse and I officially started our Whole 30 diet yesterday and I'm pleased to announce that coming to an end of Day 2, we're rocking this.  I am choosing to believe that it will be this easy the entire time, but we all know that's not going to be the case.  To recap for those unfamiliar, the Whole 30 is all about eating real food and changing your outlook of the food you put in your mouth.  If you haven't read the book or heard of the diet, I strongly encourage you to read It Starts With Food, because holy wow it's great.  For the next 30 days, we won't be consuming sugar, grains (including corn and rice), legumes and dairy, but loading up on proteins in the form of eggs, meat and lovely vegetables and fruits.  So far, it's been delicious.  You know, two days in.  We did thoroughly enjoy our 2 weeks of "practice" before vacation, and were amazed at how different we felt just after our trial run.  And the flip side, how awful we felt all of vacation because we were eating "regularly."  

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