04 June 2014

Day 2

Well, we made it through day 2.  Jesse has really helped me out a lot with understanding the foods we can have and how much of what.  In my true form, I decided to do this without much research.  I had the general idea, but Jesse helped fill in the (major) gaps by doing extra reading and ordering the book, which comes today! so I can be caught up, too. 

Yesterday, I woke up feeling awful.  I felt sick, had a fever, extremely dizzy, etc.  Not fun, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to function at all.  Jesse helped me in the morning before he left for work, and by the time I convinced myself to have an apple, I was starting to feel a bit better.  

For lunch, the girls and I fried some bratwurst/sausage things and I had a huge salad.  My stomach was at least cooperating by this point, even though I was still dizzy. 

Dinner was delicious.  Minus the fact that I'm supposed to avoid snacking- which turns out to be my biggest struggle so far- I'm enjoying this so far.  You know, 2 days in.  
But for dinner, we had baked chicken with a dry rub I'd made before and loved, roasted cauliflower (which happens to be one of our favorite recipes anyway and is diet approved, hooray!), half a sweet potato each and some spicy mixed greens I sautéed with fresh side and a jalapeño.  We had avocado and pico de gallo on our chicken, and it was all very good, in my opinion. 
After dinner on Monday, Jesse asked if I felt any different throughout the day, and I told him I'd felt more energetic.  He thought about that for a second and agreed he did too.  Yesterday after work, he was about bouncing off the walls, he apparently felt so good.  I'm excited to see what happens a few more days into it. 


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