06 June 2014

Day 4

Yesterday morning was a bit of an emotional challenge. 

I feel a little pathetic complaining only a handful of days in, but I had started reevaluating our meal plan and I realized how off I was.  I stressed over that for awhile, getting upset that I was so unprepared and spent some time researching a better menu.  Of course, yesterday was the day for grumpy and needy girls, so I missed the fact I just needed to relax about food and spend time with the girls without worrying about my lists.  Kaylee needed extra cuddles, which I was on board with, but I really just wanted to work on my menu ideas and a revised shopping list.  

Jesse finally had a second to respond to my emotional texts with (basically), "calm down.  You just got the book, how could you have known last week?" which helped.  

After I went to the store, where I had to fly blind since I forgot my list at home- adding insult too injury- I felt like I had a better control of what I was planning.  I made some olive oil mayo and from that, Ranch dressing for dinner, and the girls kept me company while they played play dough, so we all survived the day. 

Jesse mentioned how strong his will is by going to a meeting that served breakfast sandwiches and hot pretzels and how good they smelled.  Sidenote: who serves that combination of food?  Do those go together?  Anyway, he said how it was difficult to sit through a meeting with that sitting in front of him, but he resisited.  I chuckled a bit since I'm home all day with food I can't eat glaring at me, so I know the struggle and said that I was proud of him.  I then told him my "I'm so proud of resisiting this" moment of the day: I bought the girls one chocolate frosted donut at the store to share.  One.  For them to share.  Not for me.  Look at us being strong! 

Breakfast was leftover quiche and some raw vegetables with almond butter. 

For lunch, I had lettuce wraps (sausage, guacamole and tomato) and maybe a banana?  I don't remember now. 
Dinner was a new recipe that I was pretty nervous about, but turned out well!  We had chicken cacciatore over fried summer squash and zucchini.  Turns out, Jesse isn't a big fan of zucchini.  He said dinner was "ok" But that I knew he didn't like zucchini.  I thought he just didn't eat it because I didn't make it, oops.  Clarification: I think zucchini bread is ok?  Anyway, by the end of the meal, he declared it good, and definitely enjoyed the sauce and chicken part, and would be fantastic over noodles.  The ranch dressing I'd made on the salad was so much better than the other two dressings I had attempted, so overall, success!  

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