02 June 2014

Lily isms 20

"Emma keeps overing my show!"

Lily: I want brown bear!
Me: what?
Lily: brown bear! On my sweet potato.
Me: brown sugar?
Lily: yes! On my sweet potato!

Me: Lily, what should I make for dinner?
Lily: meat!

"here comes Little Riding Redhood!"

"Oh my goodness, Emma, we're going to get suckers! Can you believe it?!"

"Ah, nuts, are you kidding me?"

"I want to go soccer balling!"

"Momma, I like you. Sometimes I don't, but sometimes I do."
-- warms my heart.

"Bedtime, squirt!"

We were outside and I was squirting the girls with the garden hose:
Lily: Momma, can I spray you?
Me: no, I don't have my swim suit on.
Lily: well go put it on!

Lily: Daddy, where are you going?
Jesse: I have to go to work, it's Monday.
Lily: no it isn't, the sun is up in the sky, it's Sunday!

Guest appearance by Emma, who will start to be incorporated more:
Neighbor to Lily: Queenie (the cow) just had a baby! So can you guess what's down at our house now?
Emma: tractors!

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