07 June 2014

Day 5

Hopefully nobody is getting absurdly bored here.  Jesse and I were talking last night how we are still very excited about this diet, and while we obviously both think things like donuts and Doritos sound good, we aren't craving them.  Which is incredible, especially for me. 

The book, "It Starts With Food," is so encouraging.  I should have read it before we started this, but I'm glad I'm reading it now.  I told Jesse I was really enjoying reading it, I just need a little more cooperating from the girls so I can just sit and read all day and finish!  Haha as if that will happen!  The authors do a great job explaining the sciences behind why food is addictive and encouraging you to consider removing certain foods from your diet.  They even show you how and why the over the top processed foods aren't really food anymore by the time the manufacturer is done with it, and from that point on, have referred to them as "Frankenfood," which is just funny. 

Yesterday was a good day.  We got some things done, and meals turned out delicious.  Win win.  The energy levels were up from Thursday, and we both felt good. 

For breakfast, I scrambled a few eggs with fresh parsley, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  I also made a few sausage patties from the pig we'd had butchered.  We aren't actually positive of the ingredients in it, and there probably is sugar in the spice mix, but I need to call to be sure.  And for a vegetable, I fried some onion and bell peppers in coconut oil.  Yum. 
For lunch, I didn't know what to have, so I loaded a salad with pepperoni, vegetables and a few walnuts for crunch.  Homemade Ranch dressing on top and it was yummy also. 
Dinner was a little too spicy, but really good. 
I made tilapia with the same rub I'd used on the salmon a few days ago.  I steamed some broccoli and put clarified butter on top, homemade coleslaw and a first attempt at sweet potato fries, which were incredible I thought.  
The coleslaw had a little too much zing, but I'd used dry mustard and haven't really cooked with that before so I didn't know how peppy it was.  I'd cut that back next time.  The fries were delicious, but a little too much pepper, so I'd tone that down, too.  And, the spice mix was really similar to the fish rub?  So I either need to not serve them together or change one of the spice sets when serving them together.  That might be one of those weird quirks of mine, like not serving all the same color food, or not liking foods with similar tastes being served together.  Like a plate of all deep fried food?  Gross.  And that isn't just the diet talking.  We both gave it two thumbs up, regardless.  

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