06 August 2012

J&K get married!

Well people.  I'm not entirely sure where to begin or how much detail to go into, so bear with me as I attempt to type this post.  Last week was all kinds of busy and exciting.  Spoiler alert: I laughed, I cried, I gained a sister and almost kicked my car.

Tuesday morning, Lily, Emma and I ventured forth from the Wild and Wonderful to the Buckeye state. Solo.  Oy.  The 5 hour trip with both girls to Findlay really wasn't too bad, and I thought to myself "self, you're a champ."  The last hour was kind of hard, because we were all three over it, but I had left around 930a, giving myself plenty of time and daylight to stop as often as I needed or felt like.  I arrived mid afternoon Tuesday and went straight to Mama and Poppy's apartment, and spent some time with Mama, Beth and Aunt Kathy.  Dinner happened at some point, I think I saw Joel and Kimmy eventually..I don't remember too much of Tuesday, it was awhile ago.
Wednesday proceeded in some sort of order.  I honestly don't remember everything that went on, but I DO remember that Lily barely slept Tuesday night, so Wednesday had a lot of coffee in it.  Tuesday was the first night that Lily slept in the same room as Emma, and as a bonus, I was also in said room, and Aunt Kathy and Beth.  Just a mini party, where Lily decided NOT to sleep (much, if at all) from 12-530, preferring to talk in her sleep, awake and cry.  It.  was.  bizarre.  And long.  My thanks to my family for putting up with her during the night.  Around dinner time, I headed up to Toledo to see Rick and Nikki.  It was fun to get to see and visit with them for a little bit.  When we got back to Findlay, Jess and Richard had joined our party, so the attendance at my parents house was up to 11 at this point. Maybe 12, I don't remember when Krissi (Kimmy's MOH) showed up.

Thursday.  Day before the wedding.  Joel and Kimmy ran errands.  I don't think I was too much help at any point leading up to the wedding, to be honest, but no one really expected me to I think since I had an infant and small crazy person (Lily) to watch.  I think Beth, Jess, Richard, the girls and I went to Mama and Poppy's.  I also believe we went to Donato's for lunch.  Regardless, the rehearsal time came, everyone required there went to that and I stayed at my parents house with the girls.  After rehearsal came the picnic style dinner at my parents, so everyone came back to be with me and we ate delicious burgers and hotdogs, compliments of Richard's excellent grilling.  While he was grilling, I put Lily in a wheelbarrow and carted her around the yard, which she thought was pretty fun.

Friday.  Wedding day.  Geoff and Laci showed up early in the morning and were champs considering they had flown overnight from LA to join our party.  A bunch of us headed to the church for set up and prep.  To fight the rush of a wedding (ceremony, food, cake, trying to catch a word with the bride/groom before leaving), Joel and Kimmy decided to have a pre-reception: hang out BEFORE the wedding with snacks and an ice cream machine, chill, dance some, play games, visit, eat dinner and THEN have the wedding, followed by cake/dessert.  It was very nice and fun, though dinner ran late.  I felt I had a lot of time to visit with friends and family I hadn't seen in a really long time, and Emma got passed from person to person.  Since I was surrounded the whole trip by family and friends who were willing to help with the girls, I actually didn't have Lily or Emma too much during the wedding.  Especially since Lily just wanted to be with my parents, Aunt Jess or Uncle Rich(ard) most of the time. The ceremony was perfect, and very fitting for Joel and Kimmy.  Lily wanted to help Dave, so it was good that Joel and Kimmy had a laid back wedding since Lily walked right up to join them.
Brides and Grooms get ready so differently..

I'm not sure either of their faces could have handled bigger smiles

Not that the wedding needed to be any more awesome, but their photographer saw me walking around with my camera and asked if I was going to be his assistant.  When I responded that I didn't think so but I would be taking lots of pictures, he handed me one of his awesome lenses and said to go have fun.  He also gave me a short lesson how some photography things and let me use one of his lenses during the wedding, as well.  I felt so special.  And also made me want several camera lenses that I DEFINITELY can't afford..but maybe something similar just on the cheaper end :)

Saturday was relaxing.  Laci, Jess and I went for a run together and then Geoff, Laci, Beth, Jess, Richard, the girls and I went to 5 Guys Burgers for lunch.  Yum.  Remaining family went to Mama and Poppy's to relax and visit until Applebee's for dinner before my cousins, siblings and I went off to see the new Batman movie while Mom, Dad and Aunt Kathy watched Lily and Emma for me.

Sunday was church, lunch, seeing Megan and Jordan for a few minutes (thanks for making the effort to come over, guys!) before heading home.  The drive home was hard after the first 2 hours (where both girls napped).  The last 3 hours passed with both girls taking turns crying off and on.  At least they took turns.  I had a hard time with Emma, as I couldn't get her to calm down and my sure-fire method to calm her down is swaddling her up, which doesn't work in a carseat (this is the part where I almost kicked my car in frustration when I had pulled over to try and feed her and calm her down).

Overall, GREAT week/end and I'm so glad that I was able to go.  I wish Jesse had been able to go with me to the wedding, but we survived and so did he on his bachelor week.  When I came home, he proudly told me he had done all the household chores so I could relax.  Then clarified by saying he had just done laundry, dishes and vacuumed, but hey, I will take it and appreciate the help!

I'm sure I missed some important points, but that's the general idea.  I thought I had taken a ton more pictures.  Apparently, I did not, but these were some of my favorites.  Hooray for Joel and Kimmy finally being married! xoxo and with that, all of Team Pagano is married.


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  1. Pretty wedding pictures! Congrats to Joel and Kimmie :)

    Also, laughed aloud at your conversation with yourself. You bring me such joy!