11 August 2012


I don't have a creative title for today's blog.  And Jesse was most unhelpful.

I can't believe I forgot to post this on Tuesday when I blogged last, but Lily had her first dentist appointment!  Ok, I guess I can believe that I forgot it- who likes going to the dentist?  Anyway.  She didn't cry or try and bite anybody, so overall: success!  We really like our dentist practice, and maybe more practices do this, but all they did on her first visit was basically let her go for a ride in the chair, watch a video with a chimpanzee who brushed his teeth and gave her a goody bag with a toothbrush and those disposable flossers.  Lily actually sat on my lap the whole time.  We rescheduled for 6 months and the hygienist said we would just do it all again until Lily is comfortable with the whole process and would let the hygienist look in her mouth.  Do all dentists do this?  If not, they should.  Jesse also had an appointment this week (no cavities, so proud) and he overheard another patient as he was leaving whining and complaining about hating the dentist.  When the hygienist asked how long it had been since he had been to the dentist last, the older guy (without missing a beat) apparently reported it had ben 26 years, 4 months and 2 days since his last appointment.  ....I'm going to let that sink in for a bit.

Also, go check out my picture blog.

Today was an interesting day, but overall fun.  Julia was an incredibly brave soul and watched both the girls for a few hours while Jesse and I went on a date to go see a movie.  She reported that things went well, and while she had been able to convince Lily to hold off on making her change a poopy diaper until after Lily had turned one, she forgot to have the same pep talk with Emma, and apparently got to take care of a doozy.  Way to go, Julia, you're a champ.  

It was mainly an interesting day because it was a year ago today that Jesse and I had to deal with my eptopic pregnancy.  I wasn't sure what I would be thinking of on this day, but it did creep into my mind at several points, remembering the excruciating physical pain I was in and then the following mental and emotional pain that followed.  I didn't want to dwell on it, but I did want to acknowledge it and deal with it myself.  Remembering the details of how strange and hard of a day that was: babysitting at the Y in the morning and arranging with Julia to watch Lily while I went to an urgent care for my pain; finding out I was pregnant and then finding out a few hours later that this baby wasn't in the right spot and I was going to be staying at the hospital; having to call Jesse and tell him to come be with me and then following calls and texts to friends and family to ask for prayer; Lily staying with Betsy for a few days; being waken up at midnight to go into surgery and being very groggy when I was returned to the room, but giving Jesse a thumbs up before I fell asleep that I was ok.  God has His reasons for why we lost that baby, but as I held and cuddled Emma today- which was more than I normally do- I was and still am so thankful for my 8 week old baby that He gave us instead, as well as our crazy almost 2 year old.  


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