31 August 2012

big girl and little girl

So, question: where did Baby Lily go, and who is this Toddler Lily who seems to have replaced her?  Don't get me wrong, the toddler version is hilarious and loads of joy, but really.  Where has the time gone?

Among other things, this morning: I was (stupidly) removing her too small clothes and organizing the correct size.  I say stupidly because it is a semi-emotional task anyway.  While I was working on this, she was putting her baby doll in the play stroller she has and was pushing her up and down the hall while carrying a bag that had a play cell phone in it.  All of this while just in her diaper, of course.  And then she went and got the front pack I use for Emma and insisted that she get to wear it and put baby in it.  That amount that she mimics us and other people is astounding, even though I knew she would since little kids are like sponges.  Still.  And she is still, a week later, talking about the Warrior Dash.  She will randomly spout off talking about how I was swimming through the mud and how dirty Betsy and I got and that we needed showers. Of course, it sounds more like Momma kick kick dirty; Aunt Betsy dirty; Momma shower.

And, we are working on switching to a Big Girl Bed, while also getting rid of the chupa.  She will now hand her chupa to me when she wakes up and says "chupa bedtime!" because she knows that's when she will get it next.  Just now, she (apparently?) went to take a nap in her bed!  I had taken the front of the crib off- it converts to a toddler bed- and she was so excited.  After a few minutes of me telling her to go lay down and being ignored, I told her to wait in her room while I took care of Emma.  She sat in her door and cried, but waited as she was told.  By the time I was going to check on her, Lily was laying on her bed, and when I heard footsteps, I quickly stepped out of sight.  She had just come to shut her bedroom door.  Right now, she is being quiet.  But she very well could be dancing naked in there for all I know!

I have such a big girl now.

And then we have Emma.  So relaxed compared to Lily at this age.  And she likes to roll onto her back from her stomach.  I will put her down on her tummy and it seems that half the time, she immediately will roll to her back.  Which is hilarious because whenever Lily sees Emma on her back- whether she started on her back or rolled there- she gets so excited and says "EMMA ROOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!" and occasionally, likes to help "fix" Emma and put her back on her stomach.  I'm so glad that Lily loves Emma.  And that Emma is laid back.

And I updated my pictures, go check 'em out!

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