07 August 2012

thankful tuesday/new title/etc.

1. I am thankful that God has given me the gift of sleep.  I know not everyone sleeps as easily as I (typically) do, but when I have to get up 2-3+ times a night with Emma, I am incredibly thankful that I fall back to sleep almost as soon as my head hits my pillow again.

2. I am thankful for the ability to run.  I had a great jog last night, and realized how much I enjoy it.  Running is so much more fun for me when no one is making me do it, and I don't feel obligated to go for a run, like when I'm training for a half marathon.  Right now, running is about the only way I have been getting "me" time.  Totally alone with my thoughts for some time.  Sure, Jesse helps a ton when he is home, but as any mom can attest to, I'm still on call for both girls regardless of how Jesse is occupying them.

3. I'm thankful that I survived my trip to and from Findlay, as I described in my last post.

4. I'm thankful for the ability to travel when needed/desired to see friends and family,  and to have the ability to still be part of their lives even though we don't live in the same town anymore.  

5. nap time.

Now, onto other things.  I only have a few things to discuss today.

Frist, Emma rolled over for the first (and second) time(s) yesterday.  I went to change Lily's diaper and left Emma on her stomach in the living room.  When I came back, she was on her back.  A few people have suggested that Zeke probably rolled her over, and since no one was really there to witness it, it doesn't count.  I support this option.  However, during dinner when she was again on her stomach, Jesse, Lily and I all looked over in time to see her roll (read: gracefully flop) over onto her back.  Jesse didn't really want to count this as a "roll" with Lily, saying that she had pushed herself up on her elbows and then flopped.  However, he didn't say that yesterday when Emma did something similar, so either he is just a seasoned Dad now and excited by the little things or knew better than to challenge me on my excitement.  Aunt Jess was bummed that Emma had decided to wait until we were back in WV to roll, meaning that she missed it, but as I pointed out to Jess, Emma would have needed to be laid down on the floor at some point in Findlay for us to witness this.  And she was held about 95% of the time.  Fortunately for me, she doesn't seem to expect that from me this week!

Second, thank you to everyone who has told me that they read my blog.  I appreciate the feedback and knowing people actually DO read it.  Plus, when I see people, they already know what's going on in my life (for the most part) and I can just focus on asking them questions and getting filled in on THEIR lives.  A very efficient means of communication, though I do feel that I repeat myself.  Feel free to tell me that it's old news.

Second A, going off of this, people have also been noting that my blog title is no longer accurate.  Thus, we have had a name change, and once I find a picture I want, we may have a mini-make over on what my blog looks like.  I couldn't simply change "three" to "four" as we don't have any fish.  I didn't feel like "Four People and a Dog" was a good title, and since the chickens and pig don't actually live at our house, I didn't feel I could include them (the chickens WILL live here, but they don't, so it doesn't count yet).  After pondering it for awhile, I decided on "Cup of Joe" for now.  That doesn't mean that will be the title for ever, but it'll suffice, I guess.  It doesn't have the same kind of ring to it, and it doesn't fit a blog written by me as well in my mind, but the majority have spoken and I needed a new title.  
"Cup of Joe" has a little bit of a story to it, I guess, based off my life experiences.  As many of you know, my life plans were nowhere even remotely close to what I am doing.  However, God has a neat way of letting us think whatever we want: and here I am, a (mostly) stay at home mom of two and married to a really awesome guy, living in the country.  Now, why the title?  A year or so ago I thought I would create another blog that would be my brilliant thoughts on this whole adult/mom life thing.  I ended up canning it (quickly), but it was titled "Cup of Tea."  
People use the phrase "that is/isn't my cup of tea" to describe their preference to something, and I'm finding (regularly) that this mom thing is MY cup of tea in the adult life: I'm right where God wants me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I have loads of friends who are either attending grad school or have graduated, including my siblings.  Apparently, as I joke with them, I decided to get my masters in "dirty diapers."  That's all well and good for them, that is what's in their cups.  And an important point for me to note is that when I have pity parties for myself about wanting to go back to school or do something productive with my life, I have a few good people who will talk some sense into me and remind me that I am, just in a different form.  
As for the Tea vs. Joe bit..I prefer coffee.  I started drinking tea when Jesse and I got married because he loves a good cup of tea, and I wanted to share in this, so I taught myself to like it.  I DO like tea now, even going as far as liking a cup of straight black tea on occasion..but coffee is my preference.  And since I have taken to blogging during nap time, and frequently have a cup sitting in front of me, I felt the title fitting.

And.  I suppose that is it for now!  Carry on.



  1. I can't wait for the day when having babies is my cup of tea too! Don't ever doubt that you're not doing amazing things!

  2. You have a gift, Amber. A gift that enables you to enjoy life whatever you are doing. Enjoy every minute!