26 August 2012

Warrior Princess(es)

Today, I ran one of the best 5k's ever.  I had wanted to run a Warrior Dash since my cousin sent me a text telling me I had to.  I came in 4357/6706 and had an absolutely great time running with Erin and Betsy.  And, as you can go ahead and assume, we rocked it.  There were some great obstacles and you have no excuse to not do it, because Jesse watched a kid with what he presumed to be cerebral palsy finish the race.  
he even jumped over the fire
leaping over the fire
And then things got a bit muddy..

then REALLY muddy..

and we had a fabulous time!!
Lily was so upset that I was so dirty.  she kept saying "Momma messy, Momma fall, Momma messy.."
Thanks for running with me, Betsy and Erin!  And thanks to our fabulous helpers with the kiddos!

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