03 April 2012

Tuesday. Thankful.

I definitely need/ed a reminder today about just how blessed I am. Lily has been a trooper over the past few days, but several later nights in a row are catching up with her and she is just a tired little munchkin today. Work was a challenge this morning, as a result of her being tired and grumpy. But I am thankful and blessed.

1. My niece, Koleen, is estimated to arrive this weeked. C'mon kiddo, your favorite and only aunt wants to see pictures!!

2. I get to see my parents, grandparents and siblings this weekend.

3. My awesome friends who watch Lily and don't complain even when she melts down over seeing dogs. Outside. That she has known for the majority of her life. Ah, the wonderful and random stages and phases that kids go through.

4. Speaking of awesome friends, that Betsy was kind enough to just laugh at me and not make fun of how naive I am when I said it would be ideal if Lily got through te "Terrible Twos" before Bob shows up.

5. My job. I really need to remind myself of this some days, but you don't get much better than what I have. Paid to play with your kid? I'm very thankful. It's more of a challenge than others some days, but I get to be a full time mom AND bring home a small paycheck to help out a bit. I wish some days I had a "real big kid job" but am so grateful that I can do this and be the one to raise my little girl.


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