10 April 2012

thankful Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have so much I am thankful for this week. Well, always.

1. A wonderful Easter weekend with family where we could celebrate Christ's resurrection! I will post pictures and tell about Lily's first egg hunt adventure later.

2. Everything worked out that I could stay in Findlay this week and visit with family more with Lily.

3. Even though Jesse decided he COULD NOT wait until this next deer season to get his first deer and he would bag his first doe (?) with the front end of my car on his way home, that it was a small deer; he wasn't hurt; since he didn't have his cell phone that he was close enough to his parents to go back; and that Lily and I weren't with him. In my pregnant, hormonal state, I would have been an absolute mess.

4. DEFINITELY thankful for good insurance!

5. Jesse, Lily, Bob, the rest of my family and friends. Generic, yes; 100% true, yes.

I will post a for real update with pictures when I get home and to my computer so I'm not blogging on my phone!


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  1. Thanks for reminding me to remember to be thankful.