29 March 2012


So, I have realized that my posts are all basically the same: updates on life, what we've been up to, Lily and Bob.  And so today, I'm just going to [hopefully] keep things short and sweet and mention some of the little blessings that we have and things that I am thankful for; because honestly, I don't think that I am grateful enough, or take the time to notice them as often as I should.  These will be in no particular order.

  1. my family.  All of it.  Immediate family, family I added when Jesse and I got married, adopted siblings, adopted aunts and uncles..I'm so glad I get to see so many of them several times throughout the year, and those who I only get to see on a special occasion, I really look forward to those times!
  2. Jesse, Lily and Bob.  Obviously.  Considering I thought/assumed I would never get married or have children, I consider them a huge blessing in my life.  And even though I tell Jesse that he messed up my life plans of becoming a US Marshall and traveling the world or something equally awesome, I couldn't be more thankful.
  3. that Lily is imitating Jesse more than me in her food preferences.  Seriously.  He and I have joked since she was born that we hoped she had his (lack of) sweet tooth and my metabolism.  The other day, she handed me a half eaten Oreo and signed "all done," and tonight at dinner, when she and I split a bowl of cooked carrots [I foolishly thought I would get most of them] she ate the whole bowl and asked for more.  Keep in mind, this is without touching her sloppy joe OR baked potato.  I'm so thankful she loves vegetables.  
  4. our house.  I admit to still being in the "honeymoon phase" of home ownership, but I love it and am having a blast, annoying expenses and all.  
  5. spring.  ahhhh..I don't mind winter, but I like it for as long as there is a decent snow on the ground that I can play in.  No snow, no cold: move onto warmer weather [of 60-70F for spring, please].  Now that the weather has been warmer, we have been loving everything we can do outside together as a family.  Which, you should already know if you have read any of my past 10 blogs..and it just makes my heart smile when Lily starts signing, then saying "shoes."  And if we haven't figured out exactly what she means and that she wants to go outside [where she throws in a few signs of "outside"], she will BRING us her shoes.  And then a pair for me and a pair for Jesse.  She's brilliant: the shoes always match and go to the right person.  I'm amazed.
Yes, these were generic, but I hope to [maybe] make this a weekly event and have posts pertaining to the week.  We will see if I succeed.  I decided I needed goals in my blogging, or at least things to look forward to so I blog more often and don't just post rambles about what we've been doing.  So be on the watch for that.  Or just ignore the emails/posts if you choose :)


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