17 April 2012

Tuesday. Thankful.

I'm glad it's Tuesday. My attitude has been getting grumpier and grumpier for the past few hours, and I remembered it was Tuesday and I have more to be thankful for than grumpy about.

1. The safe, happy and healthy arrival of my niece. Who I have not received nearly enough pictures of, but I will let my SIL off the hook for now. Please anticipate pictures sometime soon.

2. Gorgeous weather and new running shoes! Even if I can't use them for a few more weeks.

3. A healthy weekend! First weekend in 2 months I haven't been sick!

4. Friends loaning us a car this week while my car is in the shop.

5. Said car had diapers in it! I ran out while Lily and I out running errands and of course she had an explosive dirty diaper. I was not amused. But thankfully, her little size 4 booty fit in a size 2 diaper. I don't know how, but it got the job done until we got home to get more
Of the appropriate sized diaper on!

I was going to blog a life update last night but patio sitting and dishes got in the way. Soon! With stories and pictures.


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