27 September 2011

Smash Cake!

Finally getting my act together to display Lily's 12 month/smash cake pictures.  I use the term "smash cake" loosely, as there wasn't much smashing.

the delicious cake, thanks Betsy!
playing airplane before the excitement

if nothing else, I like how the tutu turned out!

poking the icing

trying to coax her into eating some of it
Fiona showing Lily how it's done

because really, I just can't get enough of this picture

more cake!
back off, this is mine!
My official theory on the smash cake thing is that Lily doesn't like getting her hands dirty.  Like her daddy.  Jesse could be covered head to toe in mud, and as long as the palms of his hands are clean, he won't mind.  I tried giving her a piece of cake on her birthday, and she'd get a little on her hands and immediately try and wipe it off on me or her shirt.  I know she doesn't mind getting dirty, because you should see her eat spaghetti..but that's ok :) maybe she'll play along next year or at Fiona's birthday!  I had fun trying, and I really enjoyed the tutu I made.

Now I have to go wake the little goober up for her 12 month wellness check-up!  Why would they schedule me for the middle of nap time?  Seriously.

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