07 September 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Oh, let's see what can I tell you about.  This past weekend was spent in Zanesville, Springfield and back in good ol' West Virginia.  We headed to Zanesville on Friday to spend the night at his parent's house before we headed to a wedding in Springfield on Saturday.  We left really early for the wedding so we could stop in and see some of Jesse's family that live over that way, and we're both really glad we did.  I unfortunately didn't take nearly enough pictures of the weekend, but it was a great time to be sure.  The wedding was beautiful (congratulations, Steph and Matt!) and we had a great time seeing friends and family.  Sunday was spent relaxing with Mom H, playing with Lily and Jesse helped out with some yard work before we headed home Sunday evening.  That drive home was super exciting, as it was raining the entire way from Parkersburg to Clarksburg-- typically an hour drive, took us at least 1.5 hours.  There were parts of the drive I could barely see the road, and everyone was going incredibly slowly and cautiously.  It was quite the storm, and Lily slept like a champ through the whole thing (wonder who she gets this from..).

We got to visit with Jesse's grandparents before the wedding.  The one of Lily and her great-grandpa Brennan is the only one we got of great-grandpa looking at the camera.  He loved Lily's painted toenails and was talking to her about them in the other 10 pictures Jesse took :)

At the wedding: 


the flowers are ones that Mom H gathers the seeds from and replants every year.  they were her great-grandmothers (is that right?), making them Lily's great-great-great grandmother's flowers.
playing on Grandpa's tractor
In other news, I'm working out details for Lily's 12 month pictures :) they're going to be super fun, and even if they don't turn out according to the plan, I think they'll still be cute.  Hopefully we'll be doing those next week, as it's supposed to rain all the rest of this week (as I look outside and notice the sun shining..thank you, Weather Man for an accurate forecast).  But, the weather is turning cooler, and I couldn't be more excited about it.  My runs outside have been so much better than when it was a million degrees (obviously) and the cool air encourages me to actually run.  I love it!

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