26 September 2011

Big Girl is ONE!

My apologies for lack of updates on this front.  Life hasn't exactly been busy..but it's been keeping me moving.  And in the spare time where I can sit down and put my feet up, I don't really feel like blogging and have actually been reading a bunch more recently.  Which is excellent.  I actually just finished re-reading Pride and Prejudice.  I read this in high school and hated it then, but I really enjoyed reading it this time around.

Well, what can I tell you.  Lily is officially one.  I no longer have a baby, because apparently she is now classified as a toddler.  Even though she's been walking for ~2 months now, she wasn't 1 so I could still think of her as my baby.  Now it just seems weird.

At One, my big girl has 5 teeth; is walking everywhere and trying to run; eating all table foods; hating cow milk; referring to Zeke as "zzzz" and trying to at least get out "itty" for a cat; signing "more" and "all done"; looooooves swimming and is learning to jump in (thanks Julia..) so we get to be even more extra careful hah; taking one good, long nap during the day and we're working on sleeping through the night (which hasn't happened since the whole RSV business); climbing stairs like a pro; loves to laugh and smiles all the time; is wearing 12 month clothes; and is absolutely ridiculous.  

Lily's new favorite things involve her birthday presents from Jesse and me: kittens!  Ok, so they were more for me than for Lily, but we used her birthday as a good excuse.  My friend Jen and I went to pick them up Friday and Lily is in heaven.  I need to try and get a picture of her with them because she will occasionally catch one of them and the look on her face is one of absolute pride as she walks around holding the poor kitten.  


And in case you were wondering, Zeke loves the kittens, too.  He is absolutely giddy and cannot wait until they aren't scared of him anymore so they can play.  I'm not sure what kind of playing a Boxer and two kittens will do, but they hiss and put him back in his place quickly already, so I'm not too worried.  Spock is much more timid and scared than Zoey is, who is much more adventurous.  

I guess that's about all the excitement from here!


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  1. Aw Happy Birthday Lily! I can't believe she's 1! And I really want a kitten so this post didn't help much, they are adorable!