13 September 2011

let them eat cake!

We went to the park today to take Lily's 1 year pictures.  But before we get into that, real fast..

 My parents came to visit!  It went by much too quickly but I'm really glad they were able to come visit for a little while.  Dad and I went for an 8 miler on Saturday morning, and it was an absolutely gorgeous morning.  Mom, Jesse, Lily and the dog all walked a lap while we jogged.  It was a good run and I was surprised by how good I felt after we were done!
 And we went for a bike ride!  Fiona loves her little seat on Betsy's bike, and Lily, Ethan and Kayla all rode in the pull-behind-the-bike-carriage things.  Logan kept up on his own bike and Julia and I...well.  We rocked.
She only almost lost her leg once, and I only almost tipped us a few times.  Riding a tandem bike is NOT the easiest thing I've ever done, but after a few minutes, we both stopped screaming and were able to almost go in a straight line.  It was incredibly fun, to say the least.

Onto other matters.  Lily was a major party pooper with her pictures today, but that's ok, it was my fault: poor kid didn't want to take a nap allllll morning and was super tired and pretty grumpy when we went to the park.  Rookie mistake: reschedule and let your kid nap.  Regardless, we had fun and got some cute pictures.  Not of Lily, of course, but of Fiona!  She definitely stole the show.
always, always, always have a friend you can share cake with.
look at those baby blues..for the record, this picture was not edited in the slightest.
have you ever seen such a happy baby?
how Lily spent most of the pictures
of course..this did happen, too.
I think she's saying, "hey, back off, this is mine."
double fists!
and since Julia and I are both 5, it turned into a cake fight with the top layer.
Just a small sampling of the fun we had, but more pictures will be posted eventually.


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