04 October 2011

Relay Recap

I really should be cleaning and doing dishes.  But I really don't feel like it, so I decided blogging was a much better option.  Or a nap.  Fall days are just begging for a nap to be taken..I may oblige.

This past weekend we all headed to Findlay for the marathon relay we were doing there.  I'm not sure how everyone felt about it, but I think the general consensus was that the idea behind a relay was good I at least am glad we did it.  But overall, I think none of us were huge fans.  Joel did better than he thought he would and didn't die, so that was a huge perk.  However, since he ran the first leg, everyone else had to wait at their relay changing stations.  Which wouldn't have been awful except that it was really cold.  And some of us-- like me who ran the final stretch and waited for 3 hours-- had to wait outside/in the van for a really long time and then run with cold muscles.  We did it though, and finished around 4:09.  Because it was a marathon, there were water stops very frequently which was nice but I didn't need as much as I took I'm sure.  I had a Hammer Gel pack the last mile, because it was the last mile and it wasn't going to mess my race up.  Anybody out there have any experience with these?  I normally do the Shot Blocks and like them, but I thought I would try the gel...weird.  It'd take some getting used to.

getting her shoes ready for race day
sharing ice cream with Milly and Poppa
and he's off!

Jess wrapping up the second leg

Dad and Richard: Richard ran after Jess, then kept going to finish the race (15 miles).  Dad's leg was after Richard's, but they ran together before I finished us off.

resting.  cheering is hard work.
here we come!  Jess met me at the end and handed Lily off to me.   since I had just run, I really appreciated running the last 100 feet carrying a 22lb brick.
whole gang: runners and Scoop Up Crew.  Mom and Jess made all the shirts :)
you might be confused about Kimmy.  but Jesse is providing the antlers and Jess and I are helping her with the fangs.
Other than that, the weekend went way too quickly.  Jesse and I decided we would drive over Saturday morning instead of Friday evening like we normally do because of the kittens.  We didn't want to leave them to fend for themselves for the whole weekend while they are still so little.  After we arrived in Findlay, we stopped by the house to see Joel and Kimmy, grabbed some lunch then headed to go see Mama and Poppy for awhile :) I didn't remember to take my camera in, which is annoying, but it was good to see them and spend some time with them.  Lily even got to go on a ride with Mama on her new electric scooter and honk the horn.  She wasn't overly enthused yet, but we know she will be in a year or so and we won't be able to get her off it!
lasagna.  she wouldn't smash a cake, but lasagna she was allllll over.  hmph.

Our animals are all doing fine.  Zoey and Spock are still adorable, and my theory is that if they're going to hold still long enough for Lily to pick them up, so be it.  She seems confused by them, and doesn't quite grasp that they're alive I think.  She will pick one up, walk around a bit and get distracted by something, so she will set the kitty down and go to play with whatever the distraction was.  When Lily is done, she will then turn to pick the kitty back up who is long gone, obviously.  We've been rather entertained by all of this.

That's it for now I guess!

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