28 May 2011

Garage Sale Saturday!

Jesse and I love garage sales: I think it's the combination of good deals and looking for hidden treasures in what other people see as junk, and this weekend, we did pretty great.  Friday, I was only able to find one sale I felt justified spending money, and walked away with a bag stuffed full of clothes for Lily for $1, two pairs of shoes for another buck and a small coffee pot for $1.  How can you beat that?  Today, after we finally dragged ourselves out of bed, Jesse and I decided to go see what we could find and oh man, are we glad we did!

Sale #1: a walker ($1), a baby swing ($1) and two pairs of jeans for Jesse ($3).  The lady running the show was excited to see that we have a baby and gave us all her unused boxes of rice, oatmeal and mixed grain baby cereals.  Probably 10 boxes!

Lily fell asleep in her new swing, and that hat is another find
Sale #2: two baby gates ($2 [we didn't have any, so this was perfect]), two sun shades for our car ($3 [more than I wanted to pay, but we needed them]) and probably 100 Mason jars for canning!! ($5!!!).  We need our garden.  

Sale #3:  I don't remember the prices for the things here, but Jesse was pretty excited about it all.  It looked like a daughter had come to help her sickly father get rid of stuff.  Jesse also found a bucket of lead, because honestly, who doesn't need a bucket of lead?  But seriously, he will use it to make musket balls for hunting.
2 cast iron frying pans, 1 cast iron Dutch oven, a planer, knife sharpener and an entrenching tool from Vietnam (aka, fold-able shovel)
Our little town is having a community wide garage sale next weekend, which we will be missing, and I am a little bummed about this.  There will probably be all sorts of treasures we won't get to look through.  We haven't found too much of value, yet, but we have hope!  Julia did find a Coach purse when she and I went last weekend, so I guess that pretty awesome.  This week, my favorite find was the swing for $1, and I think Jesse's were the cast iron cookware (3 for $15).

And currently, Lily doesn't understand how the walker works, but I'll let you know how that goes when she figures it out.  I suppose that's about it for now!

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