15 May 2011


Well, Lily crawled up her first step the other day.  I guess it's time we try get a baby gate or can't tell from the picture, but she was throwing an absolute fit.  She was wanting to be held, but I had put her down in the middle of the living room and gone to the kitchen.  Jesse walked through the living room and gone upstairs and when I went to the living room to check on her, Lily was trying to follow Jesse up the stairs.  It was the saddest little sight ever, because she was so incredibly upset and was trying to figure out how to get to Daddy.

she got side tracked, though

We also bought a bike trailer over the weekend!  I'm really excited about it, but so are Jesse and Lily.  They even built it together. 

Also, on Friday, Julia and I went garage sale-ing!  We didn't find too many worthwhile, but I did come home with a great new toy chest for Lily..

And today was the first day the Farmer's Market was open!  So we bought some strawberries and rhubarb and Jesse made a pie.  I was supposed to be the one in charge of making it, but while I was trying to clean up the kitchen to get started, Jesse got started and only let me help a little bit with the pie crust.  

using MY rolling pin!
that's an "A J H" in case you couldn't tell..

It turned out great, by the way.  Even set up, for the most part :)

Still waiting on teeth..I really hope they come in soon, because she has been very clingy (to me) and her sleeping has been more crazy than usual.  While she normally goes down very easily, she really struggled falling asleep tonight, and she's still not sleeping through the night.  I'm not too worried about it, just a little discouraged because she used to do both so well.

Life goes on.  Be sure to check out my photo's of Lily on my other blog.  I updated, and everything!

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  1. Just a thought, that toy chest looks like it could take Lily's fingers off, I am sure you baby proofed it, I couldn't tell from the picture so I thought I would share. Love the stair pictures, very sweet!