10 May 2011

just another update

In case you haven't looked at a calendar recently, it's already May.  So.  Fast.  Lily is already 7.5 months old.  And what I really don't understand is how 7.5 months of pregnancy took forever (other mom's, you can vouch for this, I'm sure), but the past 7.5 months have seriously flown by.

This past weekend was another busy one (surprise, surprise).  We traveled to Mount Vernon, OH so I could play in an alumni soccer game.  And to all you soccer girls out there who didn't show up, I missed you and wish you had been there.  I guess I shouldn't really say "so I could play soccer" because honestly, it was a pathetic attempt.  And really, I just wanted to see my friends and get the t-shirt I was promised (which I did).  It was fun, though, and I got to see my family for a few hours and congratulate Jess on FINALLY graduating college (sheesh, took you long enough..just kidding, congrats Dr. Wayman!).

From the game and pizza afterwards, Jesse and I went back to Zanesville for the evening and to spend Mother's Day with his parents.  We had a great time with them: very relaxing and enjoyable.  
reading the comics with Grandpa

 The 5 of us and two dogs went mushroom hunting on Sunday, and Lily is as much of a fan of the woods and trees as the rest of us are.  For those of you who have never been mushroom hunting, it's basically a walk through the forest where you look down occasionally and try and find edible mushrooms.  And if you're a Hildebrand, this also involves finding a good "mushroom stick" (aka "walking stick").  Zeke really loves going out with us because we just let him romp and roam through the trees off a leash with his miniature daschund buddy, Annie.

Jesse and his mushrooming stick.  he claimed it was a bit large, and I find that hard to believe.
an example of what we were looking for.
Yesterday, Lily took her first nap in My Red Chair.  I can't even explain how exciting this is.  This Chair was the one I called dibs on in high school: I took naps in it while "studying" for tests, reading books, etc, and I'm pretty sure Dad took naps in it, too.  It's my favorite chair ever, and I think about the most comfortable thing in the world.  It's old and I have no idea where it came from, and has been recovered so it is now blue but it will always be my Red Chair.  If you've ever sat in said Chair, you might understand a little bit.  Jesse has vetoed all future naps, though, until she can sit in it properly since he was afraid she'd fall off.  He just doesn't like the chair, even though he claims it's his favorite. 

Aside from that..she is now pulling herself to her feet and has abandoned army crawling, preferring to use her hands and knees like a big girl.  Yesterday I found her first tooth, though it hasn't broken through the skin yet, you can see it.  I'm glad it's there, now I can feel like I know why she's been grumpy/anti-sleep/sick with a cold.  That's going to be my theory anyway.  


  1. Sounds like a great time and I hope you had a happy Mother's Day too. The pictures are great. You are dong a great job at being a mom and I think the Red Chair should now be named Lily's chair.

  2. I love that you call a blue chair the red chair! It's so very you!