21 May 2011

hooray for graduating!

I have been reading "Winnie The Pooh" and "The House at Pooh Corner" to Lily recently in very small increments since the listener has a very small attention span.  The copy I've been reading to her is the one I stole borrowed from Mom and Dad that they read to Jess, Joel and me: it has been well-loved and is at the wonderful falling-apart stage of it's life, so I have the added joyful task of trying to keep her from grabbing at the pages.  I've been enjoying reading to her, and as her little attention span grows, I will maybe get to finish more than a page at a time..regardless, I have decided we have a Tigger on our hands because "bouncing is what Tiggers do best," and if you've really ever met Lily, you know she's a bouncer.  
 Julia and I found this little jumpy-turtle-thing at a garage sale for $5.  Once her little feet can hit the floor, I think she'll enjoy more than she already does, but she was already trying to bounce on it.
Lily also has been learning to share..I've been giving her hard sourdough pretzels to chew on, and she'll chew on it for a little bit, then hold it out for Zeke to get a few licks before she takes it back to chew on it again.  Awesome.  
 Jesse planted our "garden" today!  Spinach, two types of lettuce, two tomato plants and then our little lemon tree and mint, of course!  Since we're only renting the house we're in, it's easier to garden in pots instead of trying to wrestle the soil in the backyard into submission.
Lastly, Joel graduated today!  YAY Joel :) Lily and I went on a mini roadtrip to Mount Vernon to watch him get his diploma.  We actually drove to Zanesville last night and spent the night there so we didn't have to leave at 5am this morning.  Mom H and I enjoyed a movie night and watched Tangled, which I really enjoyed, even if it doesn't have the same flair as Aladdin or The Little Mermaid.  
after all the graduates went in and were seated, I went to find Joel and took his picture
and then asked the guy sitting next to him to take our picture..thanks, Guy Sitting Next to Joel!
got to see the greatest professor of all times!
note: Joel IS, in fact, holding a teething ring in his hand.  it was for Lily, not him.

And that's about it!  Good job, Joel!

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  1. Love all the pictures, what a great time to celebrate Love Lily in the graduation cap. I also love that Lily is getting acquainted with Winnie the Pooh. Congratulations to Joel.