25 May 2011

8 months!

Without a doubt, this was the hardest batch of monthly pictures to take of little goober.  She sat still enough, but she would not look at the camera.  If she did, she was making a face.  Ridiculous.  
Zeke was quite the distraction, so lesson learned: don't let your crazy dog run around while you're trying to take pictures!  Not necessarily my best round of pictures, but they definitely show her growing personality. 

photo bomber..he distracted her a lot while I was trying to take pictures
love this one

she makes the funniest facial expressions now.  no idea where she gets that..

The other lesson I learned: if it looks like it could be a good backdrop for a photo, don't put your kid there.  I almost stuck her in two patches of poison ivy and next to a thorny bush.  Fortunately, I know what poison ivy looks like and Jesse wouldn't let either of us near the bush.  I apparently have a dangerous the park next time!? 

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  1. umm more importantly where did you get her boots! Addy needs matching ones!