01 March 2011

prescriptions, over the counter and humidifiers

Oh, do I have stories to tell.  Well, I guess one story, but the bottom line is that I have an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis, and Lily still has RSV (an upper respiratory infection).  

Saturday brought about an awful nights sleep for all three of us here, and I had a fever (did I blog about this?).  As the day continued, I felt achey, but my temperature went down and I wasn't too worried about it.  I felt congested and just blah (a good technical term) all weekend, and began to lose my voice yesterday.  This morning, I woke up with absolutely no voice: all gone, minus a whisper.  Which is awesome, since I was scheduled to work tomorrow morning.  I ran over to the Y and "spoke" with my supervisor, explaining that I felt okay enough to work, but I would need a wipe-off board and dry erase marker to talk to members that came in, and I wasn't sure how I would answer the phone.  She got things figured out, and I have the day off.  Perfect.  

I had called the doctor yesterday because I wasn't feeling to swift with lots of congestion and a cough (and the hoarse voice), and praise God, they had an opening for today at 5p.  I wasn't terribly concerned about Lily because I had been told it could take a few weeks for her to feel better, and she has been acting happier with smiles and more activity.  Minus the fact she still sounds like a seal when she's coughing and occasionally throwing up mucus (ugh), she really is sounding better.

As the doctor was sitting and trying to talk to me (probably just reading my lips), she stopped and listened to Lily for a second and got pretty concerned.  We finished up with discussing me and what I needed to do (an inhaler, Mucinex and a nasal spray) and she called the nurse back in to help check Lily out.  Poor little girl..her lungs sound clear still (yay!) and she has enough oxygen in her blood (yay!), but she seemed to be struggling to breathe.  Not gasping or anything, it just wasn't coming easily.  

So, we got to do a nebulizer treatment.  Lily is not a fan.  To try and help break up some of the snot and stuff in her chest, she sent us home with a round of albuterol for a nebulizer we're going to be getting tomorrow or Friday, a low-dose steroid treatment and, because this all wasn't enough, amoxicillin to help with the little ear infection she has.  Poor baby :( I really hate to give her drugs, and such strong ones, so early, but she needs to breathe and get better.  Asap.  So, this shall be fun.  Keep your fingers crossed she doesn't have any allergic reactions to amoxicillin, she doesn't need to deal with that as well.  We're hoping that because Jesse is not allergic to penicillin and I am, she takes after her dad in this case. 

I guess that's pretty much the story.  I'm really hoping to find my voice, because I've had to give the condensed versions of my thoughts all day because it takes too long and I get too short of breath to try and explain myself.  When my voice started to come around this evening, Jesse warned me not to talk because "you don't want to scare it away again."  I think he just enjoyed having me be quiet for once ;) and I'm pretty sure my parents got a kick out of trying to understand what I was saying when I tried to call them a few minutes ago, so here ya go, Mom and Dad..this is what I was trying to tell you! 

I'm really praying this all clears up soon: because of my shortness of breath, and the fact that I'm just sick and can't breathe, I haven't been able to do my training for the half marathon.  Which is not good, especially considering I decided it'd be good to go ahead and do the shortened version of the training anyway, and only gave myself 10 weeks instead of 12.  Great.  So, here's hoping I bounce back quickly and can get my running shoes back on!


  1. I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well. I wish we were closer so that I could help out! Praying for you friend!

  2. Sorry everyone is sick! That is really not fun! I hope that Lily is ok with the meds. :)