25 March 2011


Oh, let's see, what can I talk about today..
Training for my half marathon is going pretty well.  I'm actually quite pleased with it, considering I had to take a week and a half off of my training.  This might hurt the PR I was going for, but my runs have been pretty consistent and felt good so far.  I did 5 miles yesterday and felt great, so I was really encouraged by that.  We'll see how dead I am after 10 tomorrow..I purchased some calf sleeves to help with shin splints and calf cramping/pain and I'm planning on wearing them tomorrow.  Hopefully they  help and my legs aren't as sore.

This week was pretty relaxed.  Tuesday, Zeke had a friend over.  This little puppy found his way up to the Y, and our friend took him in until we could find the owner.  Since I didn't work Tuesday, dogs had a play date.  Small Dog (as he was fondly referred to) was scared of our 67 lb Boxer (shocking) until I got them to the park, where they became best friends.  I wish someone had been with me to take my picture, because I'm sure I looked pretty cool pushing a stroller and walking a Small Dog and a Big Dog.  It was quite the workout for me, and I was quite thankful for the doggie park where I could turn them loose.

Lily is still working on the whole get-up-on-your-hands-and-knees thing..she actually can get to her knees, but isn't sure what to do from there.  She will either rock back and forth a few times, or just lay back down on her stomach.  Pretty adorable if you ask me (which you did, it is my blog), and I wouldn't be surprised if she actually got some momentum to get going soon.  One of my co-workers told me that Lily scooted forward (she has only been scooting backwards) towards a toy.  But a) I wasn't there to see it, and b) I told her to either push Lily down or yell for me if she started moving.  Since she didn't fulfill B, I'm assuming it didn't happen (sorry, Chanell).
Lily has gotten more interested in toys, and a friend from church/work gave us one of those Leap Frog light up table/activity center things.  She really likes it, and incidentally, so does Zeke.  Actually, Lily and Zeke are figuring it out pretty much at the same rate: Zeke is equally fascinated by the lights, and will press some of the buttons with his nose to make it light up if no one is playing with it.

The rice cereal is going well.  Actually, great.  I'm glad we waited until she was 6 months to give it to her because she is grasping the concept pretty well and quickly.  If we give her the spoon with some food on it, she knows right where it goes and is a pretty good aim (maybe this is normal, though?).  On the other hand, she is enjoying it so much, I feel like we could have gotten started much sooner...*shurg* we'll leave that question to philosophers and not worry about it. 
Jesse is enjoying the idea of it, not so much helping execute the feedings, but has already been talking about moving onto other foods.  Actually, the day we started the rice cereal, he went out and bought some stage 1 sweet potatoes and a few other baby food type things.  I'm thinking we'll start peas or green beans sometime soon..possibly this next week.  Maybe we'll wait until next week.  Sometime we will start the green stuff.

Last but not least, Lily set a record today and took at least a 3 hour nap!  I was so excited, I took a nap and then did nothing productive to celebrate.  It was glorious.  So what if it has taken me 6 months to figure out how to get my baby to nap?  I kept her awake all morning and then took to her the "Mommy and me" swim lesson at the Y.  She adores the water, and if I didn't know better, I would think she has gills.  We showed those other little babies how to go under (I think the other mom's were pretty nervous about this..but Lily and I showed 'em how it was done!), and Lily was kicking up a storm.  Not really splashing around, but she sure was ready to go!  We had a lot of fun, and I think she almost fell asleep while we were rinsing off in the shower and enjoying the warm water.  Needless to say, by the time I got home, she was sound asleep.  Woke her up to feed her and she was passed out!  Win.


  1. Really enjoyed your post!! She's a joy LOL!!
    I don't know what that profile bit is, so this is Grandma Pat and I am anonymous. Love you all

  2. Hooray for three hour naps! Productivity can come once that's the norm, I'm glad you got to rest!