10 March 2011

good nights sleep and coffee.

I think that I can honestly say that Lily and I are better.  She is on her last day of amoxicillin- with no allergic reaction!- and has been sounding soooo much better.  I still have a bit of a cough, I guess, but compared to how we were feeling, I will take that.  I even have been doing my runs this week (with an inhaler close by).  I will try and update real fast while I eat my breakfast and the dog and Lily are both content..and by content, I mean Lily is trying to vault herself out of her bouncer seat..

This post is brought to you compliments of me finally getting a good nights sleep last night and a good cup of coffee with my cereal this morning.  So chances are, my fingers won't be able to keep up with my brain, so bear with me.

Jesse, Lily and I went to Zanesville last weekend and got to spend some time with his parents.  On Saturday, we also ran over to MVNU for a few hours to see my parents, Joel and Kimmy.  We're headed up to Findlay tomorrow to see my side of the family.  Dad sent an email last week asking if we wanted to run in a 4 mile race on Saturday..sure, why not!  So that's what we'll be doing Saturday.

Lily has been incredibly wiggly lately.  Well, always, but she's getting harder and harder to hang onto.  Since the sickness, she is now a bit fussier when I'm not holding her, but we're working on that.  She had a great time last night and was being so funny when Jesse and I went to the Cline's: Jen and I even got her to giggle :)  Lily has been rolling all over the place, including off my lap and trying to dive-bomb for the floor. No injuries yet, though.  I had to ask the babysitter's at the Y on Monday that if Lily started to crawl while I wasn't there to please not tell me: I really feel that she's getting close.  Hopefully she'll at least start scooting sometime soon.  Well, ok, scooting forward, since the other day she scooted she licked the carpet the whole way.  Lovely.  

Speaking of Lily not being super happy when she isn't being held, she apparently is turning into a little player.  She will cry and cry and cry (with real tears and everything!) until someone picks her up.  And if it's not me, she'll continue to cry.  And as soon as she gets passed to me, she gives the biggest, most ornery smile you've ever seen.  What a goober.  So, I think I can safely say she got used to lots of Momma-Lily cuddle time while she was sick.  Fortunately, she continues to be a really happy baby, and will smile and "talk" to everyone at the Y.  And, she's been getting used to other random people holding her for a few minutes, which is handy.  

And real fast before I go get ready for a run: 5 month pictures!

Oh, and she is kind of sitting up on her own. Kind of meaning she will sit up if I put her in a sitting position, at least for a few minutes, before wobbling to the side.  And because I was a soccer player and worry about head injuries, I get a little paranoid about her hitting her head.  But she's getting better!

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