26 February 2011

baby Fiona

So, apparently, getting your baby through RSV (and other sicknesses, I'm sure) is not for the faint-hearted.  I absolutely hate that I can't do anything to help her breathe easier and lose this nasty cough she has.  Lily has also been skimping on feedings, so I'm kind of concerned about dehydration.  We're keeping a close eye on her today and tomorrow, and things aren't improving, she and I will probably be heading to the doctor.  She has been sounding like she's able to breathe a bit easier, and she's still been happy, so I think we're on the mend, though slowly.

Last night was the worst night's "sleep" that Jesse and I have gotten since Lily was born.  Easily.  It was awful.  He had to go into work at 5 this morning for some sort of something, so it was already going to be a short night.  And, naturally, Lily just decided not to sleep.  On top of all of this non-sleeping, my body decided to revolt and give me a nice fever and sore throat, and Jesse decided to have a sore throat as well.  So we're all kinds of awesome over here, and none of us feel that great.  Plus, lack of sleep has been loads of fun.  Needless to say, Jesse and my parents both voted that I skip my run today, and I am gladly obeying.  

On the positive side of things, Fiona was born on Thursday night and I got to be there for it!  I'm really thankful for the friendships I've developed here, and I'm also glad I was able to witness a natural childbirth so close to when I got to experience it myself.  I detest using my camera's built-in flash, so some of the pictures came out pretty dark and when I went to edit them, they were kind of grainy, but you get the general idea.  Jesse asked if I remember when Lily was as small as Fiona is and I had to remind him that Lily was only that small before we got to meet her.  Fiona weighed in at 7lbs, 12oz and Lily was more of an 8lb, 8oz kid.  But it's ok, they will be best friends: Fiona was born exactly 5 months after Lily; Lily has already borrowed some of Fiona's clothes and toys/car seat/bouncer seats/etc.  How can they not be best friends in a few years?  Jesse held down the fort at home with Lily, and our good friend, Jen, came over to help him out.  I hear the night went okay, even if Lily refused a bottle.

probably the best picture I took- proud big brother
just a little comic relief..Julia was practicing her version of a face she might have during a contraction

love love love
Fiona Marie, so adorable
I'm planning on every one getting better this weekend/this week..sickness is not so much fun, and we all could use some better sleep.  Plus, I need to get better so I can continue with my training for my half marathon..The good news is that even with a lack of sleep, Jesse and I have plenty of coffee, and pretty much any way to brew a cup minus a good ol' fashion drip coffee pot, hah.  Additionally, I still have the amazing ability to sleep (for the most part) as soon as my head hits the pillow, so when Lily naps, I have a good shot at also getting some rest.  Dishes, laundry and cleaning will still be there when I wake up!

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  1. Miss you Amber and I hope little Lily's RSV gets better soon! I awarded you with the 7 facts blog award! Check out my post to see what to do! Love ya!