14 March 2011

fun weekends and running

My brain is kind of fried recently, so I don't really have too many new developments, but I do have pictures of this past weekend in Findlay!  Hooray!  It went way too quickly, but Jesse, Lily and I had a lot of fun visiting family, running a (fairly) spur of the moment race [Dad emailed us last week and asked if we wanted to run it] and celebrating Mom's and my birthday's.  We got back later than planned last night, I got up earlier than I wanted to this morning and ran farther than I felt like today, but life is good.
[photo credit to my mom and Kimmy for most of these pictures]

future Beethoven 
runners + photo-bombers
we are serious about running
Richard finishing strong
Dad zooming along
I  definitely beat the lady running next to me
I encouraged them by yelling "don't you DARE let a girl beat you, Joel!" and the like. 
airplanes!: maturity took a serious hit.  This was right before I almost bit it.

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