20 March 2011

24 and 6 months

I turned 24 today!  Only happens once, and will last an entire year, so watch out: I'm ready for whatever it has to offer.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday (even if you forgot momentarily *cough* Mom, Dad, Jesse *cough*), I had a very splendid birthday.  Keeping with my decision to not recognize calories on my special day, I ate way too much of the cookie cake Jesse bought me and don't regret it one bit.  Plus, I ran 8 miles yesterday and will be running 3 tomorrow.  And today was my birthday.  I could have eaten the whole thing with no guilt.  Ah, it's a good thing birthday's don't happen often!
We celebrated today by Lily getting me out of bed at 630, followed by a nap at 730 (hah).  The three of us bummed around for awhile before going on some errands and to pick up my cake.  While we were out, Jesse noticed that one of my tires was looking kind of flat, and upon further examination, noticed that it had a bulging/tumor looking thing.  Unfortunately, this required as immediate attention as possible, and so he spent the rest of the afternoon at the car-fix-it place while Lily, Zeke and I hung out at home.  I exercised the creative half of my brain by decorating a few onesies for Lily (pictures later..) and we all took a little nap.  And thus, my birthday.  Nothing too exciting, but it was fairly relaxing, and after the past few weeks we've had, I was grateful.

In other news and adventures, since Lily is turning 6 months (whoa!) this week, Jesse and I gave her some rice cereal today.  She. Loved. It.  No ifs, ands or buts about it: she think it's the greatest.  After the first bite, she was reaching and grabbing at the spoon for more, as I apparently wasn't feeding her fast enough.  She had it twice today, and loved it both times, so I don't think I have too much to be concerned about with this.  I was kind of anticipating more stories and funny pictures for this, but she just gobbled it right up without too much of an incident.  How boring.  We'll see if we can get some wonderful "this is disgusting" faces with peas or something..

going for the first bit..notice the bib.  it's a runway that lights up.  be jealous.
not entirely sure..
and the spoon is a plane!  thanks, Rick and Nikki!
biiiiiig fan!  and so was Zeke.

That's about it!  Nothing too exciting to report, but I promised this post with pictures of the rice cereal to a few people who have been eagerly waiting all day for here it is! :) Please say a prayer for us that Lily sleeps tonight..we're all dragging with her sudden sleep aversion.  We've been fortunate that she's slept so well so far, and she needs to get back to that.  asap.  

Oh, and since I mentioned it briefly, my training is going pretty well.  I went 8 miles yesterday and was pretty pleased with my time, considering the farthest I had run before that was 4.5 miles (I was supposed to be up to 6, but with all the sickness, I skimped on my runs).  It felt pretty good, and I'm actually not too sore which is great.  The race is at the end of April, and I'm pretty excited to run it and see some of our friends while we're in TN!


  1. Happy Birthday! And I am SUPER jealous of Lily's bib and spoon. They are incredible.

  2. Music City Marathon?!

    We should all get together if you'll be in Nashville! =)