20 December 2010


Lily has been kind of fussy and grumpy this week, which has been awesome, and I think part of it is because she is realizing when someone who is not me is holding her.  Swell.  I've been trying to put her down as much as I can- either doing Tummy Time, her swing or the activity mat- but since she's been on her napping strike, the few minutes that she actually is asleep makes it hard for me to put her down where I know she'll just wake up.  Oh, the joys of learning how to be a parent.  
Regardless, we have started using a Bumbo seat.  She loves it.  I love it.  Win.  Yesterday, she just sat in it and talked to us for half an hour.

Also in this video, you can see how she is trying to find her thumb..and failing miserably.  It's a valiant effort, but she obviously is just not finding it.  She also has this thing for the feel of cloth on her tongue, so blankets make her happy, too, and she is always grabbing whichever one we have her wrapped in to put in her mouth (sound familiar, Tracy Rath?).  If she's tired and wanting to sleep, she'll quite happily take a pacifier and keep it in her mouth (without duct tape!  haha, just kidding..), but otherwise she prefers her fist or a blanket to soothe herself. 

That's about it from here..looking forward to seeing family on Thursday!!

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