18 December 2010

Lily and the dog let me sleep in until 845a this morning.  Whoa.  I don't remember the last time I got to sleep in so long!  It was glorious, and I woke up feeling good and ready to go, so that always is a great way to start the day. 
I feel that this past week has been really busy..which everyone can say, I'm sure.  Leading up to the holidays is obviously a busy time, but since this is the first time I've done it with our little pint-sized family member, it's more of an adventure than normal.  Plus, yesterday, she decided just not to sleep.  I think I got an hour's worth of catnaps throughout the whole yes, it made for a long day, which was awesome since I had a list of things that needed to get done, and couldn't just sit at home with a fussy/grumpy baby.  So everyone got to see Lily in all her unhappy glory yesterday.  I was given what I consider a high compliment yesterday: at a Christmas cookie exchange, when Lily was screaming her head off, one of the mother's looked at me and said "you are so calm through all her crying.."  I consider this a win, because obviously, this was not the case when we first brought her home!!
The cookie exchange was a lot of fun though: I got out of the house and came home with some delicious baked treats!  Of course, I heard about it and decided to go on Wednesday, which gave me two days to bake 6 dozen sugar cookies, but we managed just fine.  Jesse even helped, and colored the icing for me (blue, purple and a pinkish-red [so hard to make red icing!!!]).
We have one more Christmas party today, and I will post pictures of that later..Lily will be busting out her precious Christmas dress, so we will definitely have documentation.  
BUT, to hold you over on pictures of Lily..from this morning: I've finally discovered how to get her to be ok/enjoy tummy time, so we got some good smiles this morning.  She has some of the greatest facial expressions.

Jesse asked me if we were biased about how cute we think Lily is..and I told him "of course not..we just seriously have THE cutest baby girl in the entire world..that's the truth, not biased" haha ok, maybe a little biased..or a lot.  We both feel really blessed with such a happy and good baby, who just happens to be adorable.  
Oh, and lastly..Jesse found me this really awesome blog with give-aways and recipes to follow.  And if I give them a shotout in my post, I'm eligible for an entry to one of their drawings!  So here ya go, Honeyville Farms!  Be sure to check 'em out, they have some pretty neat recipes!

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