02 December 2010

and December is here!

Half the time, I feel that too much is going on..and the other half of the time, nothing at all.  So sorry about the serious lack of updates..but either I feel I don't have time, or that I have nothing interesting to report.  I still feel I have nothing to report, but I'm going to anyway :)

We had a great Thanksgiving with Jesse's parents, Matt and Erin.  It's always a ton of fun when we can all be together, even if it's not for very long.  On Thursday, my dad's side of the family all got together in Columbus for a meal, and Jesse and I drove over for a little bit so everyone could meet Lily.  It's getting a little easier to travel with her, but still I'm still not overly comfortable with it.  Not sure why, it's not hard..and everyone will understand if/when I'm late, but still.  Anyway, on Saturday, Mom and Dad H, Jesse, Lily and I went to Springfield to meet some of Mom H's side of the family, which was fun too :) Lily got lots of lovin' this past week, and Jesse and I got to see a lot of family too.

I've really been noticing this past week or two how much Lily is developing, pretty much right before my eyes.  She's just going to town.  She's always been a mover, but now it's not just wiggling but more kicking and flailing her arms; additionally, she's started to get a lot more vocal and not just squeaking and whining but..well, I'm not sure what to call it.  But she's making a lot more noise, that's for sure, and seems to be trying to tell us something.  Or, just is entertained by the sounds she can make.  The smiles are coming much more often, and I keep thinking we're on the verge of a laugh (which I'm really looking forward to..).
This video isn't the soon as I get the camera out, she stops moving or doing whatever it is I'm trying to capture.  Clearly, she is difficult like her mama..but anyway, you get the general idea.  I sent a video to my family earlier this week of her kicking the ball and we all have determined she's going to be a soccer player (shock of shocks, I know).

We got our first snow here yesterday..I found it appropriate that the area wait until we were officially into December to send some snow..and it's already sticking to the ground.  So I'm not really looking forward to what this winter is going to dump on us, but I've heard along the lines as last year.  Ugh.  At least we have a nice and warm house to be in this year, and lots of hot chocolate in the pantry!!

That's about it for is my first day back at work!  Lily is going with me for a few hours, then Jesse is going to come work out after work and take her back home with him while I finish up.  We'll see how this all goes!!

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