14 December 2010

gingerbread house

As promised, our gingerbread house!  We got a Wilton house kit from the YMCA Christmas party that we went to a weekend or two ago, and Jesse and I had so much fun making it, we decided to try and make it a tradition :) I think it's kind of premature to refer to something done once as "tradition" or "annual", but we're going to try and make it so.  Of course, doing a kit is fine for a year or two, but Jesse has already told me I need to figure out how to make good gingerbread so we can make the whole shebang from scratch.  Woohoo.  
getting things set up
filling the icing bag

entertaining ourselves while Jesse assembled walls
cut to bath time..this is what happens when Jesse brushes Lily's hair:: mohawk
letting the icing dry
day 2


Lily wasn't too participatory this year, but we figure in a few years, we'll have a kid's house and an adult's house: Jesse admitted to seeing himself being too particular to let the kids help with his, haha 

That's it for tonight!


  1. I love your house! Alex and I are going to make one ... I am very impressed with yours. I also understand the whole thing about 'traditions.' Alex and I are all over that haha

  2. The house is really cute!! I was especially impressed by the icicles! We have done gingerbread houses with my cousins for 20 years now! It is a good tradition to start in my opinion :0) Also, my mom does make the houses from scratch...she has a mold that bakes the separate pieces and we assemble and decorate. Lily is so cute and I'm sure someday she will have a lot of fun decorating a gingerbread house too!!

    (This is Hilary Young btw!)