04 September 2010

37 weeks, 1 day

Yup.  37 weeks.
A couple random thoughts that went through my head when I saw this picture: 
1- it really does look like I have a small soccer ball under my shirt
2- my tummy is a lot smaller than I anticipated it being at this point (and have gotten tons of remarks about how small I look for being so close to being due..I'm guessing it's my height?)
3- I am wearing a long-sleeved shirt, indicating it's not 95ºF+ today..actually it's not even supposed to hit 70ºF, and I am ecstatic.
4- a year ago today I was in AZ working on finishing up my college glad that's done!

This last week had me doing some pretty good prep work for Lily's arrival.  
I made and froze several meals for the week or so after she decides to enter the world.  
I packed a diaper bag to take to the hospital with us.  
I started to pack a hospital bag for Jesse and me (Mom friends: what were a few things you were so glad you took with you/what were you missing?  I have no idea what to put in it!) and made a list of things to grab last minute (like toothbrushes).  
I made baby wipes!  Kind of weird and random, I realize that..but I mean, why should I buy wipes when I can make them at home with things I already have?  I was weirdly excited about this, but hey, they're a necessity, and who knows when Lily will ACTUALLY arrive, so why not make them to have on hand?  [ed. note for the curious: a roll of paper towels, water, baby oil and baby wash.  Homemade wipes that I know all of the ingredients and can change easily if I note an allergy]

I also officially decided on when I think Lily will arrive: 9/23.  I'd be fine with sooner than that, but I think that's my guess.  This was decided after a conversation with a friend who just had her baby at the end of August, during a full moon.  I looked when the next full moon would be: 9/23, thus, my decision.  I'm definitely not superstitious, but I've talked to several people who've noted the weird moon/baby timing, and my midwife actually said when she worked in the labor/delivery of a hospital, they always were a ton more busy with births when there was a full moon.

I'm still feeling fine..I was a bit more uncomfortable this last week, but I'm blaming it on the heat because I'm feeling great today.  And I've continued to sleep like a rock.  Zeke and I have been taking daily walks of 1.5-2 miles, which makes me excited for when I can start jogging again, especially with this cooler weather!  And a new session of aerobic classes are starting at the Y next week, and there are some I definitely want to take, so come on Lily, let's get this show on the road!  AND I want to be able to touch my toes again.  While I haven't had any balance issues, I have had to modify the way I pick things up off the floor.

That's it I guess..not a ton of excitement this post.  But I thought I'd share a picture and some random thoughts :) and since it's my blog, I can.  Next midwife appointment is Wednesday, so yay!


  1. You should defiantly bring a few nightgowns of your own to change into after Lily is born! You will want to get out of the hospital gown ASAP!

  2. its getting so close!!! yay!!! i'm so excited! as i'm sure you are :)

  3. I want to look just like you when I am 8 months pregnant! haha... do you think all the running in the beginning helped? or is it just a genetic blessing? lol

  4. -your own pillow
    -eye drops (you won't be sleeping and you will be crying)
    -baby nail clippers/file, (they won't give you them at the hospital b/c of safety reasons and most babies are born with a full set and scratch themselves right off the bat!)