13 September 2010

38 weeks, 3 days

According to my pregnancy tracker, I only have 12 days until my due date.  That's not very much time..especially when in reality, Lily will arrive whenever she feels like it, which could be today, tomorrow or in 3 weeks if she feels like baking a little longer.  Regardless of when she comes, I'm definitely ready (even if I am slightly freaking out about the thought of being a parent).  Also according to my tracker, Lily is of birth weight and ready to rock and roll.  Jesse asked me the other day how much I thought she'd weigh, and I guessed what I thought to be an average birth weight of 8.5 lbs.  He was kind and suggested that maybe she'd be closer to 7 lbs, which would be absolutely fine with me!

Zeke's continued to be a good little doggie, but I am kind of concerned with how we're going to do with him AND a new baby..Jesse kind of was nervous about that this morning.  Zeke does fine if we can take him for a walk or to the dog park in the morning to run off some of his energy, but where are we going to find the energy to get him there?  Oh, and the lovely fact that sometimes dog thinks it's fun to have a barking contest..with himself.  I'm praying that what I hear is true: all of the sounds the baby hears while still in the uterus are sounds he/she is used after birth.  Maybe Lily will find Zeke's barking soothing (hey, I can dream, right?). 

In other news..I have been feeling good for the most part.  Yesterday and today I have been feeling really tired.  Which I find strange since I still sleep like a rock through the night.  Or in Jesse's words, "She's out as soon as her head touches the pillow."  Very true..and I sleep absolutely fine except for the occasional bathroom run.  Whatever the reason might be, I did end up laying on the couch for the majority of yesterday afternoon (with a pile of laundry to fold) watching football.  Besides being tired, my back has started hurting.  Not sure if it's a combination of how I'm sleeping or the baby dropping.  Nothing too severe (I've been in much worse pain from my back before, this is just soreness), but it has made sitting on a yoga ball kind of nice (kindly provided by Betsy).  Everyone at work last week was telling me how low the baby looked and how they were sure she had dropped.

I guess that's about it..midwife appointment on Thursday.  At the last one, I commented that I was pretty ready to have a baby, and the midwife I was meeting with kind of thought for a second and said "well, you could start taking some long walks and taking Evening Primrose Oil.." to which I said "yup, already doing both of those, anything else?" hah Lily will come when she's good and ready, I know this, but why not try and help her out a little? :)

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  1. To the dog thing, Irby's barking doesn't seem to bother Eli if he's in a deep enough sleep. Also, Irby has adjusted very well to having a new human to protect, so I bet your doggie will be just fine...even with the severe decrease in trips to the dog park.